Monday, September 30, 2013

New Bird Gets A Makeover

Something about Target red clearance signs gets me all excited.  I don't know what it is.  Maybe it's the sudden rush of knowing I'm about to save money on things I wasn't intending to buy in the first place.  Does that make any sense?  Save money when I'm actually spending?  I know but some of you can relate.  But think how much I would have spent if I got the item full price months before.  I go into Target for tissue and walk out with more kid clothes and home decor items, all because of those darn red signs.  I need to learn to put blinders on when I walk in.

While on a recent trip, I stumbled across this little guy.  Another bird figurine.  This one is a tea light holder.  Pretty cute and for $2.00 I couldn't pass him up.

He sat on the dresser for a month until I decided his fate.  I was actually going to leave him white but I wanted a little color.  Since I had some nickel spray paint on hand for another project, I pulled him out and gave him a quick paint too.

Not sure how I feel about him now.  I like the subtle hint of color and how he looks metallic and heavy but maybe I want something more dramatic.

Ever have an idea of something in your mind but when the project's done, it doesn't quite measure up?


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Friday, September 27, 2013

Rustoleum Transformations

Last year, we made over our kitchen using a Rustoleum Cabinet Transformations kit.  It has by far been our largest project to date and has brought the most traffic to the blog.  

I shared the project on Hometalk and have gotten so much positive reponse.  What's Hometalk you ask?  It's like Pinterest but it's everything for your home.  Thousands of homeowners and professionals go there to ask questions and post their own projects.  Hometalk asked me to put a clipboard together of all the Rustoleum Transformations projects on their website.  Simply click the picture below to go see some other brilliant transformations.  You may be inspired to transform your own kitchen or bath.


Thursday, September 26, 2013

Gray Bathroom Cabinets

From the start, I wanted all the bathroom cabinets to be dark like the master bathroom.  I began my usual search online for more ideas. As I was searching, I came across bathrooms with gray cabinets.  I must say, I love the look. I have seen plenty of gray kitchens but never thought to have the bathroom cabinets gray as well.


I'm a little torn now.  I like the gray cabinets but with all things, my tastes change, so not sure if I would still like them in a couple years.  If I go this route, it would totally throw a curve into the plan since the walls are already painted.  Gray walls and cabinets would be overload.

What do you think about gray cabinets?  Are your cabinets a color you don't see often? 

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Hall Bathroom: Paint on the Walls

Well, the painting is done.  I had a free day last week to get it on.  I thought it would only take me a couple hours since it's such a small space, but with all the turns and small nooks, it took me several.  I was tired and almost wanted to give up.  

On the first brush stroke, I was hesitant on the color.  I kept going just to see how it dried and give it a chance.  Once it dried, I loved it!  It went on really blue but dried more gray like I had hoped.  The color is Dutch Boy Pale Blue Spring.  I wouldn't normally choose Dutch Boy but I had an offer for free paint and I couldn't pass it up.  It was easy to work with and went on smooth.


It feels so much more relaxing in here now.  The builder beige was a little stark and cold.

It's hard to capture the true color in pictures.  There's only the one window in here so the lighting isn't great.  This is probably the best angle to show color.  It's a pale blue with a touch of gray.  I tend to stay away from blues because the wrong one can make the room too baby blue and juvenile.  I think this one is perfect.  Guests will like it and my son can grow in it without making a color change later.

Now that the room is painted, I don't mind the maple cabinets as much.  They soften up the blue paint.  I need a few more days with them so see how I like them.  Some towels and other accessories are in the works.  I have a few small projects involving paint that I hope go well.  Wish me luck.


Thursday, September 19, 2013

Hall Bathroom: The Beginning

It's time to start another room.  I don't know why I'm doing this since there are other rooms that aren't finished.  Whatever.

This bathroom is in the hall, right before you get to the nursery.  It would be shared by my son and any guests that stayed over.  There is a double vanity with that lovely maple wood.  I am going to paint that but not sure what color.  I want to keep the room fresh and not add any boy elements or themes.

There's a large mirror which is definitely getting framed. 

I like that the toilet and tub are separated by a door so someone can be showering or doing their business while another can use the sink.  It would be perfect for multiple kids but my daughter has her own bathroom so they'll never have to share.

If you zoom out, you can see two doors in the sink area.  What you can't see is that there are two more doors behind those.  So in total there are four doors in this one small space.  There's the main door into the bathroom, a door into the shower area, and two doors behind those doors where the linen closet is.

I have the paint and can't wait to get started.  The paint I picked is a pretty blue-gray.  Funny how my tastes are going more towards gray these days.  This is one of the last rooms to get a coat of paint.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Color Change

After much procrastinating, I changed the living room accent wall color.  I hate painting so I've been putting this one off.  I liked the previous color but it was a little too tealy blue.  This one has more gray in it, much closer to what I was going for in the first place...I think.  I chose Behr October Sky.

Hubby says he can't tell the difference but I clearly can.  He came home and asked if I had a chance to paint yet.  What???  I did.  Here's a side by side comparison.

See how the first color has more green and the new has more gray?  More calm and not so in your face.  It's not a huge difference but enough to make me happy.

Everything is right in my world again.  But I've already seen a darker color that I'm wanting to try.  How many tries does it take you to get the color right?


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Thursday, September 5, 2013

Kitchen Cabinets: How They're Holding Up

It's been over a year since we painted the kitchen cabinets with the Rustoleum Cabinet Transformation Kit.  I get questions all the time about how the paint has held up over time.  To me, they look like they were just painted yesterday.

I can't see any visible signs of wear.  I think the final clear coat really sealed everything in.

The cabinets are no maintenance required.  I've wiped them down as needed to remove any food splatters and dust.  Some have even been banged a few times.  The real test was the outside of the island wear the bar is.  Whenever my daughter sits there, there's constant bumping and kicking and even that spot doesn't show any wear.

One issue I do have, which is not related to the cabinets but the hardware, I tend to bump my hips on the pulls.  They stick out a little and it took some getting used to.

I would highly recommend the kit.  Sure, it took some time, but the efforts have paid off.

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Teardrop Bubble Necklace Giveaway

I'm all for statement pieces. I like to keep my wardrobe classic and simple so a big colorful necklace will set off an outfit.  One of the newest pieces I've bought was one of the trendy teardrop bubble necklaces.  I was a little skeptical at first because it looked huge but now that I have it, I love it!  Not too big and gives a great pop of color.  It definitely catches the eye.

I like my new necklace so much, I wanted to share and give you one too!

Enter below for a chance to win a pink teardrop bubble necklace with a gold plated chain.

a Rafflecopter giveaway 

Giveaway ends September 8th at midnight.

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