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A New Blogging Site

Have you heard about is a new blogging communitythat features the news feeds of many home decor blogs.You can see the posts of every blog that is a member in one place.

From the site: 
Welcome to, a new community site for all of us working on, blogging about, and looking for inspiration on all things related to our homes.  At, our focus is all about forming a community of house blogs and their followers for sharing the progress, joys, and frustrations on a whole variety of house-related projects.

I've joined and have discovered some great new blogs to read.

Go on over and take a look.

Sweet Girl's Room: The Reveal

YAY!!!  It's finally done.  It's taken me a little while but only because some parts of this room had me stumped.  I didn't realize just how much space I had to fill before I started.  My daughter loves it so all the hard work has paid off.

We started by painting the wall a fun shade of green.  The color is Japanese Fern by Behr.

I found the bedding at Target and used the comforter as my color palette.  Above the bed is the name art I showed you here.  They are white letters covered with scrapbook paper.  I added a wooden butterfly I got at Ross.  I decided to leave the bookshelf on the side of the bed.  It gives her more storage.  I just told her the headboard opens on top so let's see what I find in there.  The pink rug is a Walmart find.

The lighting is a DIY project that I showed you here.  It is a paper lantern with adhesive butterflies attached.  The butterfly wall decals are from the Dollar Tree.

At the foot of the bed is a pink crate I found at Walmart.  She can th…

Sweet Girl's Room: Name Art

Ever since my daughter was born I wanted her name on the wall but never got around to it.  This was my chance since I was starting from a clean slate.  I decided over her bed would be the perfect spot.

I bought some white letters from Hobby Lobby (I think I'm in that place every week).  I was just going to hang them as is but I thought I would add some more colors to tie in the rest of the room.  I had a pack of scrapbook paper to get rid of so I decided to add the paper to the front of the letters.

I laid my paper out and arranged the patterns to go in the order I wanted them to.  Of course little one had to help out.

I traced the letters on the back side of the paper so I wouldn't have any pencil marks on the front of my letters.  I used scissors to cut out the letters.  You should have seen the mess she made with the leftover paper.  Since we were working in a spare bedroom, I just pulled the door shut so I didn't have to see it.

Using spray adhesive I attached the paper o…

Have You Seen It?

So I got the early Fall edition Pottery Barn catalog the other day and I am lovin what I see.  So many calming blues and greens.  And just the right accessories.  
I'll take this mirror, coffee table, pillows...ok, everything pictured please.

 Check out this bedding.  Love it!  I could sleep for days here.

I'm leaning more towards cooler colors in decorating our new home.  I was more of a red kind of girl in our last home.  Looking at these photos I may try to sneak some red in somewhere.

It's amazing how the slightest change in pillows can change the whole vibe of the room.

So are you liking the new catalog as much as I am?

Are You Doing It Yet?

I'm talking about Olioboard.  What were you thinking?  It's a fun way to design rooms without the fuss of moving furniture, buying fabric, and patching walls.  When I started the itch for interior design, I was noticing designers were making these layouts with all the room pieces included.  I started trying to make them on my own using powerpoint.  It wasn't quite as nice as the boards I was seeing around.  I was using Polyvore for some time too before I came across Olioboard.  I found it to be a lot more user friendly and I could include pics of things I already owned.

I have been playing around with design boards for every room in the house now.  It's fun seeing the room elements put together and changing them all over again without commitment.

Here's a board I put together for the family room.
I included the pieces I already have and added some accessories.  I am working on changing the pillows now and hopefully in the near future I can get a nice accent chair to g…

I Was Featured

Yay!  Stephanie Lynn over at Under the Table and Dreaming featured me again.

This time it was my Family Room Tour.  I'm working on that space as we speak.  Let me just be honest, I'm working on every room in the house right now.

Sweet Girl's Room: No Sew Pillows

I knew for the girl's room I wanted to add some throw pillows to give her some more color.  She also likes to sit and lay on them.  I found some fabrics at Hancock that matched her room colors perfectly.  I don't sew (although I intend to buy a sewing machine in the near future), so I go no-sew all the way.

You'll need:
Fusible Web ( I use Stitch Witchery)

1 - Measure the pillow you are going to cover with fabric.  My pillow is 19 inches wide.

2 - Measure and cut the fabric an inch larger than your pillow.  This will allow a half inch seam around the edge.  I only did this for the face of the pillow.  I cut the piece at 20 inches.

3 - The remaining piece will be longer.  My original piece of fabric was 44 inches wide so my remaining piece is 24 inches.  You can cut it down the middle or more to the side.  This will be the back side with the envelope to insert your pillow.  I cut my pieces to 16 inches and 8 inches.

4 - Fold the opening edges in half an inch, in…