Sunday, July 31, 2011

Sweet Girl's Room: Easy DIY Art

I've started on projects for my daughter's room.  Filling her walls is my first task.  Her room is huge so I have lots of wall to work with.  The entrance wall is long so I know a couple pieces is not gonna cut it and kids art is expensive.  Once again I searched for ideas.  I've seen lots of picture walls in kids rooms so I decided to go with it.  

I needed frames, lots of them.  I got an assortment from Michael's, the Dollar Tree, thrift stores, and a few I already had.  The ones from the Dollar Tree even have mattes in them.  The frames are all different sizes and colors.  Since they all need to match, I decided to paint them all white.

Next was trying to decide what to put in them.  She wants butterflies so I've been on the hunt for butterfly prints.  I found these on  Just printed them on regular printed paper and stuck them in the matted frames.

Also on there were some prints by Peter Horjus that were pretty and had some meaning behind them.

These all have cute pictures but with a one word tag line.  The yellow dragonfly says 'explore', the pink butterfly says 'become', and the blue bees says 'wish'.  I thought these all were appropriate for a young girl.  And how ironic that she wants butterflies and they symbolize a new beginning and change.  These pieces will transition with her in this space and inspire her as she gets older. 

I saw a new website to create wordart, called Wordle.  You enter in some words and it spews out a cute little piece of art. 

You can choose the colors, fonts, and how random you want to words to be laid out.  It gave me a way to add personalization to her art.  I wanted her name and some words that describe her.  I used the colors that will be in her room.

Next was something I've seen around blogland a few times, a birth print.  It has some details about your child's birth.

I blocked out my kid's whole name for security reasons.  I thought this print was cute and added another level of personalization.

Here some more where I just used scrapbook paper.  The 2 dragonfly pictures are cut and mounted to the top of the scrapbook paper and inserted in the frames.  The other is a piece of the scrapbook paper matted.

I thought these were fun and cheap ways to add art to her expansive wall.

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Sweet Girl's Room: We've Gone Green

No going back now.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Sweet Girl's Room

So I thought I would share with you what my daughter's room looks like right now.  It has the plain, boring, builder grade beige walls and no character.  Right now all the furniture is laid out around the outside of the room to give her room to play in the center.  I've been trying to re-arrange furniture in my head to see if this is the best possible layout for her.

Her bedding is from our previous house and will have to be changed out.  Not sure if I want to keep the shelving unit that attaches to the bed and do a separate shelf for her books and stuffed animals.  I thought about changing her bed so that the headboard is against the wall.  But with doing that she will lose floor space in the center.  I'll be adding some sort of art above the bed.  Maybe her name.

Her one light source is the lamp that I now hate.  It does light the room pretty well but I'm not feeling the look anymore.  It got pretty beat up during the move.  The previous owners didn't have overhead light installed in the secondary bedrooms so I'll have to get creative.  It's not in the budget right now to have lights professionally added.  You can see the doors to her attached bathroom and closet.

Yes, her tv is on the floor!  We got rid of her old tv stand before we moved in this house and I haven't found anything to match yet.  I like the idea of her having an art center so I'll probably keep the table and add some chairs and art supplies.  The window is big and bare so it's a must for some curtains or maybe even a cornice board.  The dresser, like the rest of her furniture, is white (and will be staying that way, I think).  Trying to figure out a way to add something above it so that corner isn't so plain. 

This is the wall that's going to give me the most trouble.  It's super long and I need lots of art.  It also has her storage bins and play kitchen.  Would like to move the kitchen to a corner but stumped about which corner.  I want her to have easy access to it since she does actually play with it.

Here's another view of the room but from the window.  Can you see the lean of the lamp?  It must go immediately!!

I want to give my daughter a room she'll enjoy now and can grow into over the next few years.  So I want things that are cute and girly but not baby-ish since she'll have to live with this until she's 18.  Not really.  Maybe.

What do you think?  Got any ideas? 

Friday, July 22, 2011

Sweet Girl's Room: Inspiration

The next room on my To Do List is my daughter's room.  She just turned 3 so she's over the baby stage but not yet ready for big girl decor.  I want her room to be fun, colorful, and all about what she is.  She is such a free spirit and very independent.

Her favorite color is green so I think I'm going with that as the wall color.  I don't really want a theme but more incorporate items that reflect her personality.

Here are some photos I found while trying to get a direction.  I didn't write the source for them when I saved them so my apologies if you see a photo that is yours.

I love the contrast of green walls with white furniture and pops of color.

I love how these have trim and molding to keep the green from overpowering the space.  We'll see if the hubby's gonna help me with this one.


Her current room has no pink.  I tried to stay away from the traditional pastel pink for her nursery but I think we will be adding some small touches.  Lots of bright colors and pattern!!

I'll be starting some projects for her room this weekend.  I can't wait to share.

Have a great weekend!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Hello Friend Party

I'm participating in Sassy Sites "Hello Friend Party".  It'll be fun getting to know some of my fellow bloggers and see what projects you have going on. 

Why did you decide to start blogging?  I started blogging because I was looking for decorating ideas for my new home and came across so many good decorating blogs.  I decided it would be a fun way for my friends and others to see what I was up to in my spare time. 

When you aren't blogging, what are you doing?  When I'm not blogging, I'm spending time with my husband and daughter, and of course decorating the house.

What is your blog about?  My blog is about me decorating my home and trying out as many DIY projects possible.

When do you find the time to blog?  I blog in the evening when my daughter has gone to bed and the chores are all done.  Ok, most of them are done.

Why do you love blogging?  I love blogging because it gives me a creative outlet.  I know my husband grows tired of me asking him decorating questions.  Blogging also lets me connect with others and see how they are decorating their spaces.

What is your favorite post so far that you've written?  My favorite post so far is a tour of the family room.  This is the space where my family and guests spend our time and I loved getting to invite readers into my home.

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House Tour: Powder Room

As you enter the house and turn right is our powder room.  I still haven't figured out why it's called that.  This room was the most complete first.  Probably because it's smaller and I didn't have as many walls to fill or accessories to buy.  The room started out pretty bland.  

This is how it looked before when we moved in.  Standard builder's beige.  And no there were no blinds so that is the front porch you're looking at.  Had to install those first so we could have some privacy while we do our business.  Ha!

It stayed that way for about a month before I couldn't take it anymore was inspired to change it.  I painted it Behr Dark Pewter.  It's a medium grey with a touch of blue.  It warmed the space up a bit without being too dark.

There was a brown valance over the window but I removed it because it was too plain for me.  I'm waiting on the right fabric to hit me. 

Above the toilet are some small shelves I got at Target.  On top of the shelves are a decorative reed diffuser, candles and candle holders, and an extra hand towel.

Across from the toilet are 3 prints that I matted and framed.  They incorporate the color grey and some red that pulls from the reed diffuser.  I chose white frames to help them pop off the wall instead of blending in.

I changed the basic chrome light fixture with a nickle one from Home Depot.  I think we will change most of the light fixtures in the house to nickel.  I have yet to change the faucet yet, but it will be nickel as well.

I added an accent rug to pull in all the colors.

Loving the look so far.  It's a room our guests will use so at least the color is calming.

Paint - Home Depot - Behr Dark Pewter
Light - Home Depot
Shelves - Target
Candles and Candle holders - Dollar Tree
Reed Diffuser - Family Dollar
Hand towels - Walmart
Towel ring - Home Goods
Waste basket - Big Lots
Frames and mattes - Michael's
Prints -
Toilet paper holder - Garden Ridge
Rug - Kohl's

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Monday, July 18, 2011

Thank You!

Feels so good to see that Stephanie Lynn from Under the Table and Dreaming featured my Contact Paper Window Decal project.  Thanks for the recognition from her and many of you that have left nice comments about it.


Thursday, July 14, 2011

Red Letter Words

So I was searching the net for some art work for my naked walls.  I came across Red Letter Words.  They have faith based artwork that is so inspirational.  They have a gallery of pre-designed art and you can even make custom prints.

Here are a couple of my favorites: