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Glass Hurricanes

You may remember my version of Williams Sonoma's glass hurricanes I did back in the fall.  The hurricanes stayed on the table but I removed the leaves.  You can see below where they were still in one piece.

Well, they don't look the same.  I took them off the table to clean them one day and the candle holder on the bottom of one popped off.  I had always wondered if I could remove the bottom without breaking them.  I guess I got my answer.  Since the one came off so easy, I just popped the bottom off the other one as well.  The dried glue peeled off pretty easy.

I paired them with some smaller vases to give the table a clean, simple look.

I think I like this look better.  Maybe I'll add some greenery to the table.  What do you think?

Faux Nailhead Pinboard

Well guess who decided to start back up on the office again?  We did.  We use it almost everyday and it was bothering me that we started this room and didn't finish.  Oh wait, that's a lot of projects in my house.  I think my daughter's room is the only room I can call finished.
I snagged this pinboard at a thrift store for maybe $0.50.  I had no idea what I was going to do with it but for that cheap I'll find something.  After seeing several ideas on Pinterest, I knew what to do.  Cover it with fabric to hide the ugly cork and out it in the office.  I bought some thumb tacks for the trim and got to work.

I had some white fabric in my stash so of course I used it.  No need to buy new.  I ironed the fabric and placed it over the cork.

I thought the silver tacks would add some industrial to it.  I started in the corner and worked my way around filling in the gaps.

After the tacks were in, I cut the fabric so a couple inches were left on either side.  I used packing tap…

Memorial Day Festivities

I'm ready for the long weekend ahead. So excited to get an extra day off to be with the fam and just relax.  I'm thinking barbeque on the grill and a lap around the pool.  
Here are some last minute projects to do before the arrival of your guests.  I haven't done anything.  White paper plates and plastic ware is how I roll.  Well, I may do a little something.
Wrap your water bottles
Add cute pinwheels to your drinks
Some yummy pretzel treats
Some decorations if you really want to go all out
Some simple table decor
Impress your guests with this strawberry blueberry trifle
This fruit and cheese tray is simple and adds color
I love these simple outdoor lanterns
Whatever you do this holiday, remember those who have fallen for us.
Do you have any big plans for the weekend?

Kitchen Command Center

Let me just admit it, I have too many pieces of paper floating around in the kitchen.  The drawer next to the refrigerator collects too many papers.  When coupons come in, they go there.  When I find recipe, they go there.  I need a way to organize papers, write down needed items, and post the weekly menu.  I made the dry erase menu a little while ago but I hated that is sat out on the counter.  I'm more of a less is more kind of girl.  So where could I hide all the stuff?  The pantry doors!
I bought a few frames so they would all match.  Using the same chevron background for each, I made a miscellaneous board, a menu board, and a notes board.

For the miscellaneous board, I painted some clothes pins and attached them with hot glue.  Now there's a place for coupons and new recipes I'm trying for the week.

The menu board is just like the last one I made.

The notes board is to write down items needed or other random notes.

I used Command strips to attach them to the pantr…

Paint Chip Art

Yep, I did it.  Got some more free art supplies at the orange store.  This time I got some paint chips for a simple art project.  I showed you some examples last week.  I decided to make my own.

Here are my paint chips.  They are varying shades of blue.

I cut them into 1 inch strips.  The pattern I chose was chevron.  I just started laying them in a zig zag pattern until the colors were where I wanted them.  Once I figured that out, I glued them on.

Stick it in the frame and hang it.  I haven't hung mine yet.

Did you try any paint chip art yet?

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Playing With Paints Chips

I have some more free projects for you.  While you're grabbing your paint sticks for your other projects this weekend, get some paint chips too.  Look at all the things you could do with them.

 How cute is this chandelier?
Bookmarks for the readers
Ombre wall art
Cheap and easy gift wrap decoration
Easter garland
Christmas trees for the holidays

Add some color to your Ikea lack table

I think I may try this framed art piece

More wall art

These are fun coasters

So are you going to try any of these?  Something else in mind?  Please share.

You Did What With Paint Sticks?

I've been getting comments about the use of paint sticks in my sunburst mirror.  They were easy to use and get so I was thinking what else could I make with them? 
Here are some ideas I found.
An American flag perfect for July 4th
I love this pendant!

An easy mobile for the baby's room
Make your own crate
Personalized letters Isn't this the cutest picture frame?
Make yourself some ornaments
Refrigerator magnets
Herb markers for all you green thumbs
Catalog your paint colors
Mini Pallet Art
Alright ladies, let's hit up the home improvement stores and grab those paint sticks!  Stock up.  The Home Depot guy may be seeing me more frequently.