Thursday, July 30, 2015

DIY Wooden Arrow

My son's nursery is slowly changing.  I guess I shouldn't even call it a nursery anymore since he's two.  I don't really see him as a baby now since he's doing so many things on his own and talking non-stop.  We've removed the front rail from his crib and he gets in and out of bed like a big boyIt kind of makes me sad to know he's the last baby we'll have.

I want to start making changes to his room.  I still love the gray and orange palette.  I've been drawn to the rustic, industrial look and I think his room is the perfect space to add those elements.  The first project to begin this look is a wooden arrow.

I started with a leftover poplar board from the board and batten project and a couple of large paint sticks.

Using my miter box, I cut a triangle from the poplar board.  This will be the arrow point.  I cut two pieces from one of the paint sticks for the rear of the arrow.  I used another paint stick for the body.  I didn't measure anything, I just eyeballed it.  I tried several times before it looked right to me.  I glued everything together with wood glue and let it dry overnight.

I applied a coat of dark stain, I believe it was dark walnut, to give that contrast I was going for.  Using command strips, I hung it on the wall in the nursery.

It fits nicely right above the shelf and dresser.  You may remember we used the dresser as a changing table while he was a baby.  The changing pad sat right on top.  We just removed the pad and now we have a dresser he can use for years to come.

I like how this little arrow turned out.  I've got more leftover wood so another arrow is bound to pop up somewhere else in the house.

Hanging a Mirror With Ribbon
Giraffe Decal

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Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Rug Pad Giveaway

Hey there good people.  We're soaking up the last days of summer over here before school starts next week.

We recently added another rug pad to our home.  I bought a new rug for the living room back in November of last year.  We rarely use this space but I was concerned the scratchy back of the rug would scratch our floors.  The good people over at RugPadUSA were kind enough to send us another one for this room.  I love the difference it makes.  The area is now padded and I don't have to worry about the kids hurting themselves now.  It feels softer to walk on and I know the hardwood is being protected.

Like the previous rug pad, this one is a premium lock.  It's made of high performance recycled felt with a natural rubber bottom for grip.  Rug pads provide comfort when using your rug and protects the floor underneath.  They also prolong the life of your rug.  RugPadUSA offers many types of rug pads that can protect your carpet, hardwood, laminate, tile, and outdoor floors.

RugPadUSA was kind enough to offer one of you a rug pad of your choice up to 12' x 12'.

Use the rafflecopter below to enter.

Giveaway ends August 3rd.
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Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Look A Likes: Rockers

I know many of us that love this contemporary chair.  This classic chair, originally from Eames, has been making it's appearance everywhere.  Most people go with replicas since they are much cheaper than the authentic Eames.  Though I would love an original, my budget can't handle the price tag.  There are many versions out there that are more affordable.

Overstock Vinnie Small Cradle Chair

You can also check Amazon for great prices as well.

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Friday, July 17, 2015

Friday Five

Happy Friday!

This week I wanted to share some things that have caught my eye around blogland.

1) If you're looking for cheap wall art while making a big impact, try this tutorial.  I love the bold graphic print.


2) Megan posted on changing your blog from Blogger to Wordpress.  I found this interesting.  I've been wanting to switch mine over but I know there are so many challenges with doing so.  Her step by step makes it seem so easy.


3) You know I love me some blue.  Erin over at House of Turquoise made over her patio and it's beautiful.  I love the mix of blues and greens and the view from the deck is breath taking!

4) Seems like every project Dana puts her hands to, it turns out great.  She and her husband built a waste bin enclosure.  No more looking at that plastic thing of an eyesore on the side of the house.


5) Since summer is in full swing, there are many of us that will host outdoor shindigs.  I always have trouble finding outdoor coolers for holding drinks.  I came across this tutorial.  She spray painted plastic bins from the dollar store so they look more industrial.

Here's to a relaxing weekend.  We have a few more weeks to enjoy before school starts back next month.  Where did the summer go?

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Thursday, July 16, 2015

Master Bedroom Source List

Thanks for the kind comments about our bedroom makeover.  I was glad to finally show you guys the finished room.  A lot of things in the room are new, with the exception of the bed and dresser.  We pretty much started with a blank slate.  I've tried to list everything I used in the room.  If you see something I didn't post a source for, let me know.

The mirror above the bed was a good find for me.  I refuse to spend hundreds of dollars on one.  I love the antique gold color and it looks nice against the gray wall.

Mirror: Target

To me the biggest dramatic difference is the gray accent wall and white pintuck bedding.  I saw a picture of a gray accent wall in my newsfeed one day and couldn't get it out of my head.  Initially I wanted to find an upholstered headboard but I never found one I truly loved and hubby wasn't ready to change it out.  I still love that our dark headboard contrasts with the mid-gray color.  The color is Behr Grayve Yard.  We still had the builder light in our room so that was one of the first things to go.  I searched online for affordable options and came out with this drum chandelier.  It takes two light bulbs so it gives off plenty of light and looks elegant too.

Bedding: Walmart
Chandelier: Target
Throw: Target, no longer available

Pillows: DIY here and here

Fabric Trimmed Curtains: DIY
Nightstand: Target

Frame: Ross

We both wanted a full length mirror.  It was originally going to go in the sitting area but it didn't look right.  Instead of returning it, which hubby talked me out of, it fit perfectly in this corner.  I think the kids use it more than we do.  I'm constantly cleaning fingerprints off of it.

Floor mirror: Ikea

Vases: Ikea

I went through several benches before I decided on this one.  They were either not the right color, weight limit was light (150 pounds, really?), or it just didn't look right.  I even hesitated on this one because I thought it was too dark but it ended up contrasting with the white bedding.  Or it could have been I was tired of looking too.

Nailhead Bench: Target

Now for the sitting area. 

Desk: Ikea top and legs
Desk lamp: Ikea
Cross: Hobby Lobby 
Acrylic tray: DIY 

 Chair: Target, no longer available
Frames: Ikea
Chevron art: Target, no longer available
Wood Love art: Hobby Lobby
Ampersand: Hobby Lobby, painted blue
Round mirror: Ross, painted blue 

Chair: Overstock, no longer available
Chevron pillow: Ross
Side table: Target, no longer available
Table lamp:
Floor pouf: Target (similar)

I really wanted to add some storage to this area.  I still had files and tons of paper that I needed to keep but conceal.  There are pretty things on the top shelves, but my papers are stored on the bottom shelf in the magazine files.

Shelf: Ikea

Plant pot: Ikea
Plant: Ikea
Frame: Ross
Blue Hurricane: Target
Decorative sticks: Ikea
Blue vases: Ross

Candlestick: Marshalls
Decorative Box: Michael's
Magazine Files: DIY

Weathered frame: Target
Globe: Ross

I think I got everything.  I didn't realize how much stuff was actually bought to makeover this space.  Don't worry hubby, I didn't spend that much!

For the full room reveal, go here.

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Monday, July 13, 2015

Master Bedroom Reveal

Yes, I know it has taken me 6 long months to complete this space.  Most of it has been done but it's the final little touches that stopped me.  I know most rooms are never done so this will not be the last time you see this room.  I'm excited I finally got a chance to take photos and show you.  Brace yourself, there are a lot.


The biggest changes in the room are probably changing the bedding to white, painting a gray accent wall behind the bed, and changing the wall art to a fabulous mirror.



This is hubby's side.  I was able to find a nightstand that went with the rest of our furniture.  I really wanted to find a matching nightstand to mine but it's hard finding just one nightstand.  I searched Craigslist and found one but no one ever responded.

On his nightstand is a recent photo of us.

In the corner between the nightstand and large window are some pictures from our wedding day.  Since this room is our retreat, I tried to keep most of the photos of us.  It's amazing to see how far we've grown together.

Of course, I had to get a floor mirror.  This one is from Ikea.

Now on to my side of the bed.  This is the original nightstand that came with out set.  I love the dark espresso and that it sits higher than most nightstands I've seen.

Here's a side view of this area.

We mounted to television to the wall over the dresser.

The top is pretty simple here.  Believe me, it normally does not look this clean.

I picked up this gray nailhead bench from Target.  It definitely helps with getting ready in the morning.  The kids love it too, especially my son.  He can get on the bed with no problem now.

On the other side of the room is the sitting area.  I decided to turn it into an office.  It gave me space to blog without running to our other office in a separate room.

I love the desk I chose.  It's a simple one from Ikea.  The glossy white top makes it feel more classy.

A nice chair that didn't look like an office chair was a must have.

I put together a gallery wall with random objects and again, photos of us.

In the corner is a chair that I'm so glad we got.  Originally we were going to get two chaise lounge chairs but in the end it may have been too cramped and we normally don't come into this space at the same time.

For knick knacks and office supplies, I bought this shelf from Ikea.  It was inexpensive and fit the bill.

I love this picture of hubby with the kids in Charleston.

So there you have it!  All done.  I'll be back with a source list, hopefully later this week.  It was hard enough getting all these photos done.

For the full room source list, go here.

Check out the progress in the master bedroom:
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New Plan
New Desk
DIY Acrylic Tray 
Bedding Options
White Pintuck Bedding
DIY Placemat Pillow
Another Placemat Pillow
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The Chair

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