Sunday, January 29, 2012

Love Is Patient, Love Is Kind

I won't be doing any decorating for Valentine's Day but I will put out this one printable I made. This scripture was printed on our wedding program and means a lot to the both of us.  It describes the definition of true love.  The scripture is 1 Corinthians 13:4-13. 


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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Meet Your Friends Party

I like meeting people and making new friends so I decided to host a Meet Your Friends Party.  This is a chance to get to know your fellow bloggers better and meet some people you may not have known before.  The party will go until February 4th at midnight.  Create a post about you and your blog and link it up here.  There is a button to attach to your post. 

Some questions to help you get started:
Why did you start a blog?
What is your blog about?
What is your favorite thing about blogging?
What do you do when you're not blogging?

Welcome to the party friends!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Looking for Sponsors

It's almost February and I have a few spots left for swap sponsorship.  You get a 200x100 space on my sidebar and in exchange you place my button on your blog as well.  I will also do an About You introduction to my readers.  Check out the sponsor tab for more details.

Please email me at if you're interested.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Cute and Modern Nurseries

Babies, babies everywhere.  No I'm not pregnant, but I know a lot of ladies around me who are.  Thinking about them all, I know some are probably looking into decorating nurseries for their upcoming bundles of joy.  I love looking at nurseries.  There are so many possibilities. 

There are some with a lot of bold colors and patterns with a modern touch.  Nothing like colors to get the infant mind stimulated.

Chases Nursery modern kids

I also tend to like the calm, soothing rooms as well.  Neutral and soft colors tend to create a warm feeling.

Are you in need of a nursery or know someone who is expecting?

Sunday, January 22, 2012

3D Butterfly Art

I've been wanting to change up the art on my daughter's wall.  I wanted something inexpensive.  I pinned this and this on Pinterest a while back and figured I'd get around to it one day, like everything else I pin.  I pulled it back up last week to see what all I would need.  I saw it would require me to but a butterfly punch.  I saw one in Michael's for $9.99 but with a coupon it would have been $5.99.  I couldn't justify spending that much on something I might only use for this one project.  So I hand cut 24 butterflies.  I drew a shape I liked and traced it 24 times.

It was easy to fold the squares in half and cut both sides of the butterfly at once.  They had to be folded in half anyway.  I laid them out in the pattern I wanted them and then created a grid on printer paper.  I wanted them to be equally spaced.  I went back and added the dots exactly what each butterfly would go.

I put another paper on top and lightly marked where the dots were on the original paper.

To attached them, I simply put a tiny dot of white glue on the folded edge of the butterfly and stuck it to the paper.

After gluing them all down, I stuck it in a white frame but didn't put the glass back in.  This allows the butterflies to be 3D.

This piece replaced one of the dragonflies already on the wall.

This project turned out to be free.  I already had the frame, scrapbook paper, and glue.  That's my kind of project.

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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Giving Chevron A Chance...Kind Of

I wanted to add some of the ever popular chevron to my decor.  A throw pillow seemed right since it's small and if I didn't like it I can easily change it.  So me being me, I decided to DIY my own cover.  I bought some acrylic paint and fabric medium from Michael's.  The fabric medium is supposed to make the paint washable.  We'll see.  Onward.

Supplies used:
acrylic paint
fabric medium
chevron template
foam brush
contact paper

I used a chevron template from here and traced it onto my contact paper.  After tracing, I cut each strip of chevron and applied them to the fabric.

I mixed 2 parts paint with 1 part fabric medium.  I used black paint since I think some black and white would be a good contrast to the other colors in the room.

I started painting.  It was fairly easy but took me several coats to fill in all the white spots.

I tried being patient and wait for the paint to dry but couldn't.  I just had to pull the template off.

Looks ok right?  Yeah until you get up close.  The lines aren't as crisp as I would like them to be and there was some bleeding in areas.  Maybe it's the perfectionist in me.  I thought I pushed down all the edges of the paper.  Guess not.  Not sure if I'm going to use this piece for my pillow or start again.  I don't want my guests looking all hard at my pillow and scrunch their noses cause my chevron lines are crooked.  Feel me?  I know next time to use a foam roller instead of brush.  I had to blot with the brush and wasn't smooth but also I think it probably took longer this way.  Back to the drawing board.  

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

I Thought I Had It

You may have noticed when I showed you the new rug, there were new curtains as well.  They also came from Ikea and are the Henny Rand.  They have the right amount of color and the right colors at that.  The blue, tan, and brown pull straight from the rug and walls.  The pattern even mimics the curves in the stenciled wall.

Since each panel is 54" wide, I was planning to cut each one in half and have a slim panel on each side of the windows.  I just hung one panel on each window right now to see how I liked the pattern before I made any cuts.  Turns out I do like them but here's the problem:

They're a tad too short.  I know once they are washed and hemmed, they'll be way too short.  I want them to hang higher so these are no longer an option.  Looks like they're going back.  I'm a little bummed but maybe it's an opportunity to do something better.

Soooo...maybe I'll do some striped curtains like the inspiration picture I showed you.  I'm thinking white curtains with blue stripes.  It would be great if hubby was on board to install some board and batten as well.  I think it would soften the lines of the stripes a bit.  What do you think?

Friday, January 13, 2012

Trends: Animal Prints

I think animal prints are one of those things you either love or hate.  Its boldness can definitely add some flare to a room.  Check out these spaces.  


Have you done any animal prints in your home? 

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Slow Your Roll

I'm trying to slowly begin the decorating in the dining room and formal living room.  In the last house, I rushed to make decisions on purchases and I end up regretting them in the end.  We bought a red sofa that I liked initially but over the years, I wasn't feeling it too much.  I can't find a picture of it.  I've erased it from memory too.  Red is one of those colors that stands out and you can't really change the surrounding decor around too much for fear of clashing with this huge piece of furniture.  It wasn't a neutral color I could work with.  When I found out we were really moving, that red sofa had to go.

I see light fixtures and curtains I like but want to make sure they are right for the space.  There are some spaces that are inspiring me right now.

For the dining room, I love this light fixture and the striped curtains.  Not sure if these curtains would be too much for the stenciled wall though.

This drum shade is awesome.  Do I really need another since there is one in the breakfast area?

I like the simpleness of the table and white curtains here.  

I would like a buffet or hutch along the wall and some shelving like this room.  Notice another drum chandelier.  I'm drawn to them.  Also the wall color is very similar to mine.

Since the dining room connects to the formal dining room, I want them to go together.  So most likely the curtains and some of the decor elements would be the same in the two spaces.

This room is a lot like my layout since it connects right onto the dining.  I would love to put floor to ceiling book shelves in the living area with a couple chairs.  Make it a reading space or library if you will.

source unknown

I love this space as well.  It has a half wall of book shelves and two chairs.  It's also very bright and I love the neutral rug.

This room is simple, two chairs and a table.  I spied the wood roman shades too.  Thought about changing some of the current blinds to these.  They add a nice warmth to the room. 

Hubby knows I'll change my mind in a heartbeat and want to change things up again in a few months, or weeks, or days.  He tells me I'm never satisfied but I think it's just my decorating taste evolving.  I mention changes to him and the eyes roll.  Sorry honey, I'm indecisive sometimes.  I tend to see spaces I like online and want it right now.  So I'm trying to pace myself and really look at my home and embrace my style before I make any changes right now.  I don't want to waste any money because I rushed into it.  At least all the painting is done downstairs.  That I could commit to.  Finally finished it all over the Christmas break.  Paint is a minor fix if I change my mind later.  It's bound to happen.

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