Friday, February 5, 2016

A Designer's Home: Alison Victoria

I have a beautiful kitchen to show you today.  It is from the home of Alison Victoria.  She is the host of DIY Network's Kitchen Crashers.  On her show she helps unsuspecting people wandering down the aisles of home improvement stores with their hopeless kitchens.  I love going in home improvement stores so I'm hoping I'll run into her or one of the other crashers one day.  She and her crew knock down the homeowner's existing kitchen and rebuild one that is stunning in only a few days.  Like, "Yeah boss, I can't come in to work today.  Alison Victoria is here!"

Check out her large and open kitchen.  It has an 11 foot long island with a built in microwave.  That's plenty of room to host a party, which she states she loves to do.  Her kitchen boasts marble countertops and subway tile.  Seems she has a marble addiction.

So much storage with all those cabinets!  I love all the white with the contrast of the dark oak floors.

Victoria has enough space in her kitchen to include a pedestal table with comfy wingback chairs.

Girl even has a wine nook!

Seeing what she does to others' kitchens, I am not surprised hers is just as beautiful.

I found some items so you can shop her kitchen.

marble tile
 dining table sold out (similar)
dining chair 
mother of pearl knobs 
owl bookends 
photos via here

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Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Open Shelves in the Kitchen

As I pour through inspiration pictures of kitchens, I can't help but to notice the trends.  One of those is open shelves in kitchens.

I don't know if I'd ever do it, but done right it looks awesome.  I like having my collection of plastic cups and mix-matched dishes under cover.  Open shelving can make a kitchen appear larger because you don't have a larger cabinets in the way.  Most of the time, the upper cabinets are replaced with floating shelves and shelves with decorative brackets.

Here are a few tips I found for creating and keeping your open shelving looking good and functional.
1. Keep it simple.  Don't overload the shelves and try to keep to the same color palette.
2. Display what you use often and be practical.  Just a few mugs and everyday plates and bowls will do.
3. Display like things together.  Choose to place the plates on one side and the mugs or glasses on the other.
4. Stack.  Dishware looks more appealing when they are stacked or piled together.
5. Add decorative items sparingly.  These items are a way to add color or fun, but don't overload your shelves with the un-necessary. 

Do you have open shelving in your home?  

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Monday, February 1, 2016

Floors Make A Difference

Happy Monday!  A little cleanup around the house and relaxing is what we did this weekend.  Monday showed up way sooner than expected!

One of the biggest interior changes you can make to your home is the flooring.  Going from carpet to hardwoods will dramatically enhance the look while increasing your home's value.  This major investment can be well worth the time when it comes to re-sell your home.  Not only are you thinking about the future, but you are making your home beautiful while you are living there and enjoying the benefits.
What's one of the first things you notice when looking at these pictures?




The nice hardwood floors right?  They are gorgeous!
Changing our floors was the first thing we did when we bought our house and I think it made a world of difference.  If I ever had the chance to change them again, I would go darker and wider. 

Making the decision to install hardwood floors is a big deal and can be a long process.  GoHaus is making that process easier.  They are an online flooring retailer specializing in eco-friendly and high quality products. 

Look at some of their hardwood options.

 So what makes GoHaus different than other online flooring retailers?

1. Manufacturer-direct
They are cutting out the middle man so you buy your product directly from them.  This eliminates the mark up you may find when shopping in big box retailers and makes the price more affordable for the consumer.

2. Safety and Sustainability
They are concerned about the health of those they sell to.  They manufacture products in a way that is not harmful to the environment and meets i door air quality standards.

3. Helpful Hints
They offer a page of how-to's to help you with your DIY home needs.
If you are unsure about how the wood may feel or look before you order, GoHaus will send you 6 free samples to try out first How many companies do that?  I will definitely add them to my list when it's time to shop for floors.

*This is a sponsored post but the views and opinions expressed are my own.

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