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Wreath Advent

And the countdown begins.  My daughter is already asking what day Christmas is.  It seems like every commercial now has some toy or gadget and she wants every single one of them.  The toys keep getting re-made so nothing is really new.

She was excited with the snowman advent last year so I figured I had to give her something to keep up with the excitement this year too.  I already had all the supplies on hand so it made this project cheap and easy.

cardboard scrapbook paper clothespins numbers craft paint scissors glue

I cut the cardboard into a circle and glued a piece of scrapbook paper on top.  I had some zig zag scissors so I used those to give the edge something different.
I counted out 25 clothespins and had my daughter paint the fronts in red.  When they were dry, I hot glued them around the circle. I cut out the numbers and we glued coordinating paper to the back.  Each number went into a clothespin.
I glued a picture hanger to the back so we can hang it somewhere close by.  Not sure wher…

Happy Thanksgiving

Here's to the gathering of family and friends and giving thanks for all the many blessings in our lives. 

Hope there's lot of turkey in it for you too.

Kids' Thanksgiving Tables

Last week I shared some Thanksgiving table ideas with you.  All the dishes and decor can be a too much for the little ones.  So what do you do with the kids at dinner?  Sitting with the adults probably isn't fun and they really can't let loose with mom hovering and making things stuffy.  I wanted to see what others were doing to keep their little ones busy during the big meal.

I like the idea of giving the kids a craft to do while they are eating.  It keeps them occupied.

How cute are these turkey glasses.  It's an easy project to make the kiddos feel special drinking out of something just for them.

This table still gives them place settings but uses paper plates so you won't worry about them breaking your good dishes.

Love the pilgrim hats here.  Having costumes will surely make dinner fun.

Look at these cute pumpkin place holders.  Reminds me of a favorite toy, Mr. Potato Head.

If you really want to make the kids table simple, just cover with craft paper and draw the place…

DIY Zinc Letters

Last year, I made some paper mache letters.  I painted them red and they sat on my counter for over a year.  

I have slowly gotten over the red and wanted to change them.  I had planned to hang them over the pantry doors but with them being red, I never got around to it.  I guess I knew I wasn't set on the red.  Above the pantry doors was some vinyl I put up but always thought was too small there.
It was time to make some changes!  I removed the vinyl from above the pantry doors and gave a makeover to my letters.  Supplies I used are black and metallic silver craft paint, sponge brush and bristled paint brush. 

Using a sponge brush, I gave the letters a good coat of black paint.  After they were completely dry, I dry brushed on the silver paint.  After reading several other tutorials, I learned this was the way to go.  Dry brushing is using very little paint on the brush and using little strokes to get it on your letters.  Allowing some of the black to show through gives it the rust…

Thanksgiving Table Ideas

The holidays are here.  I'm not sure if we're hosting Thanksgiving this year, but I can be prepared right.  I love seeing a nicely styled table.

This gold table caught my eye last week.  It's an easy DIY with gold pumpkins and glittered pinecones.  Really brings the outside in.

Kate always puts together a nice table.  This one uses neutrals and natural elements.

Love the placemats used in this setting.  Each guest can write what they are thankful for.

This table is really my style.  It's very simple and modern without all the fuss.  We don't need fancy in my house.  I love the graphic runner.

Thanksgiving is fast approaching.  Are you setting the table for Thanksgiving this year?  Will it be fancy or casual?

Icon Wall Stickers Giveaway

Yesterday I showed you the giraffe wall decal I received from Icon Wall Stickers.  Today my friends, you have a chance to win a decal of your own.  There are so many options to choose from.

The winner will receive one wall decal of their choice to Icon Wall Stickers.  Use the Rafflecopter below to enter.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Giveaway ends Thursday, November 14 at midnight.  Good luck!

Hello There Mr. Giraffe

When the nursery was complete, I still wanted to put up some type of wall decal.  I just wasn't sure what exactly I wanted to put up.  I was thinking maybe a growth chart to keep up with his height or a scene of some sort behind the changing table.  Six months later and I still hadn't decided.  I guess I was ok with not having one.  That is until I was contacted by Icon Wall Stickers to review one of their wall decals.

They have tons of cute vinyls to personalize your walls.  They have designs for pretty much any room.  It took me forever to decide on one.  Here are some that I liked.

But since I was working on a piece for the nursery I went with this guy.  He was the perfect choice for this corner.  I chose the medium size in ice blue.  I almost went with orange but there was already so much in the room.

The decal was very easy to apply.  The website gives you step by step instructions in case you've never done it before.  It took me maybe 15 minutes to apply mine.

I love tha…

DIY Urchin Decor

Do you ever have one of those projects you've been meaning to try but it never seems to happen?  Well this is one of them.  I had be seeing these urchins pop up on walls and on coffee tables across the internet and they looked pretty interesting.  Interesting enough to say that I wanted one.  Well, me being me, I pinned a few and decided I wanted to try my own DIY version one day.

The day finally came when I was patient enough to sit down and get to it.  I had a bunch of foam balls in my stash and I bought a pack of wooden skewers.  I used the smallest ball I had which two and a half inches.  I used a sharp knife to cut the ball in half so my finished piece would sit flat on the table. 

Then the work started.  I started but cutting the skewers into three inch pieces and began inserting them into the ball.  I cut off the pointed side so the flat edge of the skewer would be the one displayed.  I started with an "x" in the center and worked my way around filling in the gap…