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Today I'm At...Ginger Snap Crafts

I'm over at Ginger Snap Crafts today.
I'll be sharing my Advent Calendar.

Head on over and check out my post.  Please and thank you.

Favorite Projects of 2011


Family Room Updates

I originally used solid pillows for the family room.  I liked them for a while but they were so plain and it was starting to bug me.  I started the hunt for fabrics that were the same colors but would add more dimension to the space.  I told you before going into a fabric store is overwhelming for me.  I start to grab everything I like but I usually walk out empty handed.

I had come across Online Fabric Store through an online search.  They have really good prices and have some of the same fabrics you would find in Joann's or Hancock.  It was good for me since I can search at my speed and not have to rush into buying something.  I found some Waverly fabric that I loved.  It uses the same blue tone but has a pattern.  It is the Chippendale Fretwork.  

I mixed this pattern with an Ikat pillow cover from Pottery Barn.  No, not an actual Pottery Barn pillow cover.  I made my own using one of their napkins.  No one says I can't have Pottery Barn look without the Pottery Barn price.  …

Guest Post at Type A Decorating

A few more days until Christmas people!!
Yesterday I did a guest post over at Type A Decorating for her 25 Days of Christmas sharing my paper trees.  Go check it out here.

Wishing everyone a Merry and blessed Christmas!! 

Trends: Knock Offs

I think this is one of my favorite trends right now.  Some of us look through the Pottery Barn pages or Restoration Hardware catalog and want those things.  I would have to sell my house, kid, and husband to get the things I see in some of those home decor magazines.  The next best thing is to re-create those things yourself.

The Evolution of Home created this great Pottery Barn canvas.

How awesome is this Pottery Barn circles votive by Simply Sarah.

I love the Pottery Barn lamp by The Thrifty Abode.

Who hasn't wanted to make one of Pottery Barn's beautiful chandelier's?  Well Jenspire did and it's hard to tell it's not the real thing.

Check out this West Elm chandelier made by A Happy Place Called Home.

That's My Letter created a cute Restoration Hardware alphabet art as a child's gift.  So cute, I may have to try this one.

I love these Ballard Designs numbered tags by The Country Chic Cottage.  Guess what they're made of.

These ladies have shown you can have …

Making Cookies for Christmas

My daughter's class is having a Christmas Party at school this week.  The teacher asked that each child bring in homemade cookies.  What!?!  I don't bake and definitely not with her around.  Ok, fine.  I mentioned making cookies to her on the way to school and she was excited.  Even when I picked her up, she made sure those cookies were on my mind like they were on hers'.

I don't think we've ever made cookies together before.  We both have a little bit of a control issue, so I knew this would be interesting.  She wanted to to everything: pour icing, spread the icing, and do sprinkles.  We both made it through.  I think they look good for her first go at it.

My First Sponsor

My Swap Sponsorship will officially start in January, but Allison and I are starting now.  I love reading her blog.  Allison's blog is Christian based and she talks about topics from fitness and food to staying strong in her faith. 

Feeding My Temple
I'm Allison. A 26 year old mom and wife. Follower of Jesus. Sister to 2. Living in Oklahoma. I have a huge interest in food, fitness, and healthy living. My blog follows my life as I try to balance feeding my body, mind and spirit with the Word and amazing food.
Be sure to click over and check out Allison's blog.  I promise you'll love it.

Wreaths No More

Remember I told you we were gonna put up the remaining 3 DIY wreaths on the outside windows?  Well it didn't happen.  I'm not buying a ladder and it wasn't a big enough deal to ask the neighbors to use theirs.  I took them apart and used them for something else.  I wrapped the inside banisters with them. 

I'm taking the less is more approach.

Swap Sponsoring

I've decided to try something new starting in January.  I'm going to start Swap Sponsoring!  What's that?  I promote myself on your blog and you promote yourself on my blog.  This will give us both a chance to meet new people.  Also, consider it free advertising. 

You get a 150x150 space on my sidebar and in exchange you place my button on your blog as well.  I will also do an About You introduction to my readers. Sounds like fun right?

If you'd like to swap ads/buttons, please email me at  I will need the button code for your blog and the info on what size button you need from me.  I will probably only do a few blogs a month, so let me know before spaces fill up.

I make my buttons in  Here are some tutorials if you need any help.
How to Make a Blog Button
How to Make a Blog Button
How to Make a Blog Button

Look forward to hearing from you!

A Few Lights Won't Hurt

My daughter likes to ride through the neighborhood every.single.night on the way in to see all the neighbors' lights.  I wanted to give her something to look at too but I'm trying not to spend any more money on Christmas decor. 

I remembered as I was going through the bin of ornaments, there were a few strands of lights.  Didn't really think much of it then because I wasn't going to use them since the tree we have is pre-lit.  I could put these lights to use.  I knew hubby didn't want a bunch of outdoor Christmas lights so I figured he wouldn't mind a few.  I just used two strands of colored lights and attached them around the doorway.  Now I can say we had some lights.  Ha!