Monday, October 10, 2011

Feeling Gray

So the walls are painted.  One step closer.  The color is Behr's Grayve Yard.  It's a medium shade of gray.  It's hard to get a good picture of this room now because of the dark wall color and light from the window.

The paint alone has made a difference right?  I'm trying to get rid of all the plain walls ASAP.

Office plans:
paint the walls
new desk
shelves above the desk 
create a small sitting area
new chair
add a rug
wall art
window treatments


  1. ACK!! I love that grey color! it looks great. I have been wanting to paint my living room grey. i just painted it orange last year. so i have to wait. good for you on scratching one thing off your list!

  2. from all the pictures which one is closest to ur actual color. I want a gray but nothing to light and the first picture it looks light but on the others that the color i like

    1. The third picture is probably the closest. It's a medium gray.


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