Friday, July 6, 2012

Crushing On Gray

Lately I've been seeing all these gray rooms and love them.  So much that I mentioned painting over all the beige walls downstairs.  Can you imagine the look I got from hubby?  He wasn't thrilled at the idea.

Gray is becoming a popular neutral and looks great with pretty much every color.  There are many shades but the color itself is so refreshing.

source unknown

Love the gray walls, white molding, and pops of yellow.

Love the stripes in these nurseries.
source unknown

All these rooms are drool worthy.  Gotta find a room to add some more gray to.  Is gray a neutral for you in your home?



  1. I was just talking to my friend about making my master bath gray w/salmon pink accents. I think it's better than the traditional cream/off white.

  2. Oh I have serious grey issues! I really wanted to paint our apartment... Unfortunately my husband talked me out of it!

  3. I love gray! Our master bedroom and bathroom are painted gray. I kinda wish we would have painted the living room/dining room/kitchen area gray instead of the neutral color I picked...maybe some day I'll mix it up.


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