Thursday, August 29, 2013

Painted Rugs

With no luck in finding an affordable rug for the living room, I am tempted to try my hand at painting one.  I know rugs are supposed to be one of the most expensive pieces in the room (according to some design magazines) but I am not trying to spend $300 on a rug.  Especially the way I like to change my mind around here.  Here are some DIY painted rugs that I think are fabulous.

I love this striped rug by Sarah M. Dorsey.

 The color and pattern of this rug by Oh.That.Annelie is fabulous.

Bold, spray painted stripes worked for Bean In Love.

Bows and Sparrows created a chevron rug.

I like the Rugs USA Moroccan Trellis rug so this version by Pudel-design is right on the money.

Problem now is Ikea has discontinued the Erslev rug I was considering using.  Any suggestions on where to get something similar?

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