Yo Gabba Gabba Birthday Party

Good morning!  Feels good to come back to work on a Tuesday after a long weekend.  I could get used to this.  We had my son's 2nd birthday party on Saturday and the rest of the weekend was spent running errands and getting some much needed rest.

My little boy turned two this weekend.  It seems like yesterday we were just welcoming him home.  Anyway, I wanted to share a few of the decorations I worked tirelessly on for his party.

Here's the main table.  I wanted this area to be the focal point.  I used colored plastic tablecloths as a back drop to add the bright colors from the show.  I left out the pink for Foofa since hubby thought it was a girl color.

To make the back drop, I strung the tablecloths together on string.  I used thumbtacks to attach it to the wall.  The balloons are tied to the string.  I printed faces of the characters from the show and taped them to the tablecloths.

I kept the menu simple with hotdogs and hamburgers.  They're kids and don't need anything fancy.  The adults seemed to enjoy it too.  I also did some fruit, chips, and pretzels.

Let's not forget the cupcakes!  As soon as I set them out, that's all my son wanted.  He hovered near that side of the table for a while.  I made the cupcake stand from cardboard, scrapbook paper, and canned goods.  See the tutorial I used here.  To make the utensil holders, I simply wrapped coordinating scrapbook paper around empty cans.

This is the gift bag table.

I kept it simple over here.  I tied balloons to the mirror and stuck a printed Yo Gabba Gabba sign to it.

To make DJ Lance's boombox, I wrapped a cardboard box with a silver tablecloth.  I found the boombox printable and cut the pieces apart to fit.  The printable can be found here.

The favor bags were my favorite part of getting the party together, but they also caused me the biggest headache.  I spent several nights cutting out pieces for the faces.  I used poster board.  I found the bags at Party City.

For one of the games, I used a Put The Eye On Muno game from Party City.

I also make a Brobee cornhole game.  I used a cardboard box and poster board to decorate it.  You can see my son really enjoyed it!  It was a hit with the others kids as well.

I love that I was able to create a fun party for my boy.  All it took was some patience and a few DIY projects to get the look I wanted.  Thanks to Pinterest I found a lot of ideas for decorating.  My husband joked and said how Pinterest was making us women crazy for wanting to over-do things.  I do agree a little but all the hard work paid off and our guests had a great time!

I have a few months to breathe before I get geared up for my daughter's party later this summer!

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  1. Wow - super thrifty and very cute. Looks like he had a good time!


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