Transitioning from Christmas to Winter Decor

One of those tricky transition periods is after Christmas when all the decorations come down. We take down our trees and ornaments and are left with what feels like a blank slate. It can almost feel empty where the tree once was. For myself, I took it as a chance to de-clutter and purge a lot of the old Christmas items I hadn't used in years. There were also many regular home decor items I was holding on to but really had no need for. My style has changed over the years and I knew I wasn't going to use them.

I have a few tips on decorating your home for winter.

1. Use natural elements

I think one of the things that can stay during winter is the greenery. We've already used these things for Christmas so by removing the ornaments and color, we are prolonging their use. Wreaths and garland add a nice touch of outdoors. Branches are also a great way to bring the outdoors in.


2. Bring in cozy pillows and throws

There is no better way to stay cozy indoors that wrapped up in a warm blanket. I am one that usually doesn't decorate with blankets much. My kids fight over them and they end up on the floor.

3. Use neutral colors

By removing the bright, bold colors from Christmas, you are creating a calm environment. Just like fresh fallen snow outside, the neutrals are quiet and peaceful.


So what's your take on winter decor? What are some ways you make your new found home cozy and warm for the colder months?

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