Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Finally, A Duvet

With the painting of the master bedroom to a light greige, I wanted to change the existing bedding to something lighter and fresh.  I had my eye on a duvet set on Target.  I stalked it for a while until one day, it was marked down.  I grabbed it and hoped it was everything I thought it would be.

It's a gray and cream duvet cover with a subtle medallion pattern.  I paired it with some blue sheets for more color.  I think the colors go perfect with the walls.  It also seems to open the room up more.

I like how the dark woods play against the light walls and bedding.

I still need to hem the curtains since they're dragging the ground and thought about stenciling them.  I like the simple white but maybe some blue there would give some more depth to the windows.  I want to also add some patterned accent pillows.  Still lots more work to do here but looking better than where we were months ago.



  1. i like the bedding but it looks like you forgot curtains near the bed. i would add curtains by the bed and then get blue fabric on the inside the windows on the curtains.ang


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