Friday, October 12, 2012

Target's In My Pocket Again

Is it me or do you find yourself aimlessly wandering around Target?  I try to stick to my list but can't help myself and end up in the home section.all.the.time.  I was out one Saturday and noticed they had just marked a ton of stuff down.  Those little red stickers get my heart racing.  On one of the end caps was this cute little end table.  

I stuck it in the cart but was still a little apprehensive about buying it.  I made a couple more trips though the aisles before finally deciding that I would get it.  If I didn't love it when I got home, I could always return it.

It was coincidental that when I get home, the new West Elm catalog was in the mailbox.  After flipping through some pages, guess what I saw?  Almost the same table for a lot more money.

It almost made me feel better about my purchase.  Here's my table in the living room.

Not sure if I want to keep it the red or go dark like oil rubbed bronze or a lighter chrome.  I like red but it's a tad too bright for my liking.  The top is wood so it'll stay that way.  Any thoughts or ideas?



  1. Love Target! Especially the end caps :) the table is a great find! I like the red but I would probably spray paint it a different color like you mentioned. It's a really cool shape though.

  2. Just because Target is a discount store, it doesn't mean they are behind the times in fashion! Love Target!

  3. I love that style table! I think IKEA has recently come out with something very similar as well, I don't remember.

    I'd say - if shabby chic or chippy is your thing, rub a candle on it here and there then paint it in another color (dark brown , or maybe cream) then rub it with a rag and the wax will lift, revealing bits of red... might be fun. The rub n buff sounds good too, I 've never used that stuff.

  4. Oh, and because I'm addicted to lighting.... I'd buy one of those single under cabinet lights from IKEA (or wherever) and put it underneath, with either a low watt bulb or maybe a color (The LED ones are color changeable, heeeey!). That is, if the table is gonna stay in one spot for the most part, then cleverly disguise the wire either inside the legs or down the back. There are also really cute ways of hiding cords too, check out what design*sponge did:

    Sorry for the looooooong replies!

  5. I love it! I am right there with you in Target. :) So much so that my husband and I joke about listing Target as our emergency contact number. If you ever can't reach us, just have us paged there. lol

  6. if you want to keep the red add brown and rub it off to tone down the red.ang

  7. Andrea I love tis table
    saludos desde Chile


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