Monday, January 14, 2013

Nursery Ideas

It's time to start on little man's room.  I'm so excited to start.  I have a blank canvas and my head is overflowing with ideas.  I've been looking at so many nurseries online and see so many things I like.  I've put together a few boards on things I wouldn't mind having in the space.

I want to keep the backdrop pretty neutral so I can change things around in the future.  I started with a blue gray.  I know he won't stay a baby long and this will give me the option to leave the wall color as he grows.  The accent color I want to use throughout is orange.  I've been seeing it around and was just drawn to it.  In this board I used an orange stripe rug to bring the orange to the floor.  I was able to find bedding in Target that had orange in it.  I would like to find an orange drum chandelier for a reasonable price but I know that may be a DIY project.  Dark furniture is a must.  To me the espresso just looks more manly and rich.  The crib is from Target, the dresser is the Hemnes from Ikea, and the chair is the Poang from Ikea.  To bring some gray into the room, I thought this floor pouf from Target would be a nice touch.  I'll keep the curtains white and simple.  Most of the art will probably be DIY.

In the second board, I swapped the orange rug for a blue one.  I also used an orange pouf instead of gray.  I like this version, just not sure if I love the blue as much as the orange.

Third board, I put a neutral on the wall.  A light tan can go with any color scheme so I thought I'd try it out.  I love the idea of an accent wall so I threw the blue and white stripes on the wall behind the crib.  This would bring a focal point and I've always wanted to paint stripes on the wall.  Not sure about the rug option on this one.  I don't want too many patterns fighting each other.

Fourth board uses the same tan walls but bringing the blue and white stripe rug back down to the floor.  It's the same setup as board two, but with tan walls.

Which look is your favorite?  I'll probably mix some things from each of the boards and change things up as I go along.  I've been known to change my mind a lot.



  1. i love them all. my son's theme was dots it was dwell studio from target and it was red, brown and green. I still like the colors together and although he wanted his big boy room blue I had to get brown and red in there too

  2. I really like the second board. How fun to decorate a nursery. :) What program do you use to create your boards?


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