Monday, October 21, 2013

Formal Dining Rooms Turned Offices

Have you ever wondered what to do with the un-used Formal Dining Room?  We have one and I don't think we have ever sat in there for a meal.  Even when we have dinners at our house, we all sit in the breakfast area and use the kitchen island with bar stools.  There have been times I thought about changing the room into a more functional space.  

I've seen several bloggers turn their dining rooms into home offices.  I'm not completely sold on having all my important documents up front where everyone can see.  Our office tends to get a little paper heavy at times.  

Here are several beautiful examples of dining rooms turned home offices. 

I know that if I one day decided to go this route, there's plenty of inspiration to get started.

Do you have an un-used formal dining room?  What did you do with it?


  1. Ours is a pass through room in our very small house (under 1,000 square feet). I think we've used it twice for big family meals. Our little family of three eats in our cozy breakfast nook. Just a couple of weeks ago I finally turned the dining room into my sewing room. I always end up sewing there anyway. And if we have a large family dinner that we need the table I can move my sewing stuff and put it all away on my new bookshelves and we have the large table back. It's a win win. Where it's situated lets me keep an eye on my three year old (and he now joins me at the table to color and draw and play with cars while I"m sewing or working on my computer there). It was all a question of best use of space for our needs. We don't NEED a formal dining room. But I needed a place to sew that was all mine.

  2. I actually have a 'formal living space' turned office... I found that our great room/family room is perfect enough and that a library was more needed, so we never really used that room for a formal living room ever since we moved to the house!

  3. I have a galley kitchen, so the dining room table is the only eating surface I have, but I love the 1st pic you posted as they table almost looks like a dining table, and can be easily called into service for a group dinner by removing the lamp and accessories and added a few more chairs.

  4. I turned mine into a big mudroom

  5. We converted ours into a playroom. Of course, now I'm not sure what we're going to do for Thanksgiving!


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