Thursday, October 31, 2013

Mixing Metals In Home Decor

Just like with jewelry, there were these rules about not mixing the different metals.  I used to wear a lot of gold jewelry but then switched to white gold and sterling silver.  As I got older, I just thought the silver tones looked better on my skin.  I see a lot of pieces that mix the two and guess what?  I wear them both now.

That trend is big in home decor as well.  In my home there's plenty of nickel and silver.  They are more my preference but like I said before, the gold thing is starting to peak my interest.  Since I have so much silver and nickel around, I hesitate when buying gold pieces because I fear the two will clash.  But no more my friends, I'm seeing that the two can co-exist!  Putting the two together actually makes the space look layered and adds some depth on another level.


The trick is to have several pieces of both metals so they look mixed on purpose.  Don't have a bunch of nickel and one gold vase.  Bring in other gold pieces to make the look cohesive.  I love the silver legs on the coffee table and ottomans but the mirror and accessories are gold.

Another example is this living room.  It has a silver coffee table but the wallpaper and table accessories are gold.  A good balance of the two.

This living room is more my style.  It has the neutral walls and furniture, but there are some gold pieces thrown in.

I mixed two metals in my bedroom sitting area.  The gold table base pairs nicely with the silver lamp.  Something I wouldn't have done before.

With the holidays coming up fast, the two are bound to meet.


What's your take?  Do you mix metals in your home?  What about your jewelry?

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  1. Great tips Andrea, I love gold and brass right now, but I also have lots of silver and mercury, it will truly be great to see them all together especially for the upcoming holiday season!


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