Friday, November 22, 2013

Kids' Thanksgiving Tables

Last week I shared some Thanksgiving table ideas with you.  All the dishes and decor can be a too much for the little ones.  So what do you do with the kids at dinner?  Sitting with the adults probably isn't fun and they really can't let loose with mom hovering and making things stuffy.  I wanted to see what others were doing to keep their little ones busy during the big meal.

I like the idea of giving the kids a craft to do while they are eating.  It keeps them occupied.

How cute are these turkey glasses.  It's an easy project to make the kiddos feel special drinking out of something just for them.

This table still gives them place settings but uses paper plates so you won't worry about them breaking your good dishes. 

Love the pilgrim hats here.  Having costumes will surely make dinner fun.

Look at these cute pumpkin place holders.  Reminds me of a favorite toy, Mr. Potato Head.

If you really want to make the kids table simple, just cover with craft paper and draw the place settings on it.

Are you doing a separate kids' table?  How do you make your child feel special during the Thanksgiving feast?

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