Ready For A Backyard Barbecue

Summer is the time to enjoy the great outdoors.  When we moved into our home, I was looking forward to having dinners on the patio with our kids and having friends over for backyard barbecues.  I see spaces like these and long for gatherings outside.  Just having friends over and doing what my hubby loves to do, throw down on the grill!  My hopes are to one day install a pergola to create a little oasis in the backyard.  They just seem to add an elegance to the patio and create a covering to protect you and guests from the summer heat.

Who wouldn't want a space like this?  I love the lanterns and table.

This space screams backyard party.  I like the two seating areas and the wooden deck is beautiful.

We've already got a patio set but I would like to add a dining table.  It would be nice to have it for a separate seating area.  Here's our patio from last year.  The rug didn't hold up well and I never replaced it so it's looking a little bare out there now.  I love the colors and think the outdoor patio is a great place to add bright and bold colors.  Adding the color in throw pillows and rugs allows you to change things up season after season.

I have quite a ways to go but I can dream right?  Here are some of the things I would love to see in our patio.

You can't have a barbecue without food.  I found some recipes that look delicious!  

For me, it's all about the burgers!  This American-Style Double Cheeseburger has my mouth watering.

How about a loaded baked potato?  Yummy.


Since Labor Day is creeping up, I may be able to put something nice together before the summer passes us by.

*This is a sponsored post but the views and opinions expressed are my own.

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