Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Wood Christmas Tree Sign

Good morning friends.  It's a week before Christmas and I'm running like a mad woman trying to get last minute gifts and decorating the house for guests coming over for Christmas dinner.  

I wanted to display something for Christmas that told the real reason we celebrate in our house.  I began to go through my drawers and the garage to see if I had any free supplies.  I came across some leftover paint sticks and had an idea.  I can make some art from it.

I started by gathering my supplies.  I used paint sticks, stain, white paint, and a handmade stencil.

I laid out my sticks to see how I wanted them arranged.

After deciding where each stick would go, using wire cutters, I cut each stick to size and sanded the rough edges.

On goes the stain.  I even used a small leftover piece and painted it yellow for my star at the top of the tree.

After the stain dried, I laid my stencil out.  My stencil was just card stock that I cutout the letters with an exacto knife.

I traced the letters from the stencil with pencil onto the sticks.  Using white craft paint, I painted two coats for the letters.  This is the part that took the longest.  I good at staying in the lines, but after a while my hand started cramping from holding that tiny brush.  The stain seemed to soak up some of the paint so it has a weathered look to it.  I just used hot glue to adhere the branch sticks to the stem.

In the end, I decided not to use the yellow top.  To me it looks cleaner without it and the yellow may have been too bright.

I just propped it up against the centerpiece on the table.

I love that there is a real significant piece in our Christmas decor.  Maybe a few more touches around the house and I'm calling it done.  Are you still going like me or are you totally done with all your Christmas chores?


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