Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Industrial Shelves

I keep seeing these pop up all over blogland!  The shelves are such a wow factor since it can easily transform a blank wall into a massive piece of art.  They seem pretty easy to do using some metal pipes and wood.  I really love the look but it's not exactly our style or else I would find a place to put one.  It's more rustic and industrial than what we're going for in our home.

DIY Showoff added shelves to her pantry to maximize storage.

My mouth fell open when I saw how gorgeous this one is from Jessica Kraus.

Beneath My Heart built them in her kids' room.

Michelle did a smaller bookcase version which I may be able to tackle. 

Even if they're not made of pipes and wood, I want wall shelves somewhere.

What you think?  Have you put in some industrial shelves?



  1. I love the industrial shelves for the pantry...awesome!

  2. Haven't put up one myself Andrea, but I agree, they look great and looks sturdy too!

  3. I love wall shelves, and I LOVE the industrial shelves look. I was going to do it in our house but strayed away when I realized what it would cost me, pipes add up! But they make a really nice, permanent feature. I've seen a few in person and they are so impressive.



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