Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Pencil Valentines

Over the weekend, my daughter and I put together class valentine cards for the their card exchange on Friday.  I don't like using the store bought ones, even though it's easier.  I like things to be a little more personal and she enjoys the process.  I also like handing out something besides candy.  I know plenty will be coming home from other kids.

I picked up some Valentine pencils from the Target dollar spot.  I made a couple cards in Picmonkey and printed them out on cardstock.  I did two versions with different sayings that pertained to writing since we were using pencils.  We punched holes and inserted the pencils.  The pencil packs were assorted and it was interesting to hear how she picked out the pencil for each kid.  There will be one boy that gets a pink pencil.  Sorry, but it is Valentine's Day and I'm sure that won't be the only pink item in his bag.

Super simple and she can say she made them herself!

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