Wednesday, March 5, 2014

A New Kitchen Faucet

One of the updates that I have been wanting to take on is the kitchen faucet. Our appliances and cabinet handles are stainless and the light fixtures are nickel.  The obvious option is for the faucet to be stainless as well right?


Here's what I've been looking at for the past few years.  It works fine but I hate the chrome and it's a pretty basic faucet.  Nothing special.

For what seems like ages, I've been bugging my husband for a new one.  I think I looked at faucets just about every time we went in Home Depot.  Well guess what, he finally caved!  I started looking online for deals and reading reviews.  It's not a major purchase but I didn't want to remove the old faucet, install the new one and end up not liking it or something going wrong, remove it and take it back.  Once it was in, I didn't want to do anything else.  I wanted a pull down sprayer faucet in stainless.  Preferably a gooseneck.

I finally decided on this one from Price Pfister.  Isn't it pretty?  I love it.  It's got the built in sprayer so it no longer sits separately on the counter top.  It's got curves in all the right places too, not straight up and down like many I contemplated.  The curve starts at the bottom and twists up the neck.  It adds a slight flair without being too much.

It was super simple to install.  It took more time removing the old one than installing this one.  It comes with a quick install tool that makes it easy to tighten bolts in those tights spots under the sink.  There's also what Pfister calls Pfast Connect, which makes connecting the water lines a breeze.  I think my favorite feature is that the pull out sprayer has two functions.  Using the toggle button on the back of the head, I can change it from stream to spray.

Since I went with a faucet that didn't have a soap pump, I filled the extra hole with a sink hole filler in stainless as well.  It simply screws on from underneath.

I love that this faucet makes the counter top seem so much more open.  I was concerned the height of it would be too high on our island but I think it looks awesome.  The finish and curves of it look elegant.

Now it matches the appliances and makes our kitchen look more polished.  It was the perfect finishing touch.

Now I need to find a stainless soap pump that doesn't rust.  I've tried a few from TJ Maxx and they always seem to rust at the top and turns the soap brown.  Eww!  Maybe a pretty glass bottle.  I've been using a plastic one that just doesn't go with my lovely faucet now.  Any suggestions?

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