Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Custom Target Furniture

I was browsing when I saw they have introduced custom furniture.  What the what?  Go ahead then Target.  You mean I can get the same affordable pieces but with the fabric of my choice?  Count me in.  I began to look at the various pieces in their customizable collection.

I love the shape and lines of this bench.  With a little fabric, it goes to a whole new level.  The price tag starts at $220 so still not sure it's worth the extra money for me to get a custom fabric.  It would be an easy DIY to buy a standard bench and re-cover it yourself.


I love the size and shape of this chair.  The price tag of this one starts at $450.

I don't know how long I've wanted an upholstered headboard.  I will have one some day.  Sooner rather than later.  This one makes me drool.  This piece starts at $700.  I'm sure I could DIY one for much cheaper.


Although I love the idea of customizing my furniture pieces to fit my style and home, I don't think the price tags are for me.  I'm more of a do-it-myself kind of girl now.  These prices are still lower than pieces you would expect to find at West Elm or Crate Barrel though.  I guess Target is trying to step their game up a little. 

What do you think about Target introducing this option?  Would you try it out?


  1. I'm with you: I love the concept, but the price is too much for this cheap gal. And DIYing is much more fun!

  2. Yeah, me three. If your'e gonna go this route you must have money to burn. And most of us could probably DIY something similar. However, I do like how Target is more fashion forward in home furnishings nowadays.

  3. I didn't realize they offered that. I agree, the price is too much for me! I DO love Target though!


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