Friday, March 21, 2014

What's Your Spring Style?

I was scrolling through my Facebook feed when I came upon this What's Your Spring Style? quiz from Lonny.  I decided to try it out and see what the results were.
The results are based off random questions about your ideal place to live and where you would like to eat.  Not sure they are relevant to decorating style.

My results: The Professor. 
You don’t put Monocle on your peg-leg coffee table to impress—you actually read it. And your bookcase, meticulously arranged (by theme, not by color—how preposterous!) is sparingly interspersed with curios of the magnifying-glass and agate-bookend variety. If you were ever to get a tattoo, it would be Dieter Rams–themed, reading “less but better," and when it comes to seating, you’re on a strictly last-name basis: Wagner, Eames, Bertoia, and Saarinen.

Your taste in decorating is informed by years hitting the books—design-oriented or otherwise. When it comes to your ideal space, you're all about subtle textiles, midcentury accents, and pedigreed chairs; the more it brings to mind Alvar Aalto's home library, the better. Click through for decor suggestions based on your well-honed style.

Really?  This quiz is all wrong.  Most of the questions didn't even relate to the things I like anyway.  This is how my home would look according to this quiz.  Muted tones and no color.

I love bright colors and open spaces like the board I showed you yesterday.  This board mimics what is actually in my home now.  

Take the quiz and tell me what you think.  How accurate are your results?

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