Gray Board and Batten

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I showed you this gorgeous office with gray board and batten last week.  I believe it totally transformed the look of the room.  Check out her before.  I've done white board and batten in the foyer and the back entryway but adding the gray steps it up a notch.  It looks so sleek and modern. I decided to look around the web to see who else has added some gray board and batten to their home.

Bower Power did a feature wall in her master bedroom.

Thrifty Decor Chick also did a feature wall.

Chris loves Julia painted the entire room dark gray but added the molding behind the sofa.


The Shingled House paneled the whole bathroom.  Her space looks completely different.


Jenna Sue added board and batten to a wall behind the dresser.


Gorgeous right?  These rooms look extra fab because of the molding.  They're dark and moody.  I'm still deciding where I could put it in my house.
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  1. I like the general look, but really dark gray looks almost like the inside of a shipping container...

  2. I do love dark gray and my son wants his bedroom painted in gray tones. I think that if you find the right shade of gray you can always liven it up with punchy colors and vibrant patterns.


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