Ikea Rast Hacks

One of the things I've been shopping for in the master bedroom is a nightstand for my husband's side of the bed.  When we bought our bedroom set years ago, we were living in a two bedroom town home.  Out room wasn't big enough for the bed and two nightstands, so we only bought one.  So now that we are in a new home with plenty of space, we want another nightstand.  The furniture company no longer produces this set so I've been searching Craigslist for a mate and other furniture stores for something similar.

On my search, I kept coming across the Ikea Rast dresser.  It is a basic three drawer wood dresser that can be stained or painted to suit your taste.  I liked the price too at $34.99.

There have been so many people making this simple piece look fabulous.

The Turquoise Home attached trim to the bottom, painted it white, and stained the top.  I love it.

Why not make it one big piece of furniture?  That's exactly what Oh Everything Handmade did.

Little Red Brick House also did a two tone but stained the sides as well.

I like this simple gray Rast from The House of Lists.

Using a wood overlay, the Crafty Sisters created a fancy pair.

This one from Hello Boudreau looks chic with its linen wrapped exterior and nail trim.

Petite Vintage Interiors used decals to add some fun to a girls bedroom.

How about campaign style?  Classy Clutter added corner braces and pulls to glam up a pair of nightstands.

There are so many hacks out there, there's bound to be one for everyone's style.

I've ordered a nightstand online in hopes of it being a close match for my existing one.  If not, hacking a Rast is definitely on my list.

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  1. I love Ikea hacks!! They are super creative & seem fairly easy to do. Great post!

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