Look a Likes: Metal Chairs

Today I want to talk about chairs.  I see this style of chair around and I love it.  They look so industrial and cute.  I have thought about changing our breakfast room chairs and I think we would be a good contender.  They would coordinate with the bar stools in the kitchen and they are easy to keep clean.  They would be easy for the kids to sit in and I wouldn't have to worry about them falling too far to the ground.  If you do a search online, they vary in price from $50 to $400.  Here are some of my favorites.

I'm really feeling the rustic, industrial, and modern feel of these.

Do you like this style?

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  1. I am a fan of this chair, I've even seen them with a wooden bottom. When I found some at my local Marshall's and took them home to test, they were considerably shorter than what we currently have so I had to return them. So definitely check height compared to what you currently own.

  2. These chairs are looking different & unique style. I like this types of unique things to decorate my home & garden. Recently I was searching a metal chair for my home and also got that from an online store named as stairs-interiors. I feel comfortable by using the unique & beautiful metal chair. but I got a unique one from your topic, in upcoming days, i will be trying this.


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