PB Teen Inspired Pinboard

On Monday I showed you the plans for my daughter's room makeover.  For her desk area, she wanted a place to hang her artwork and the little notes that she writes.  I decided a pinboard was the perfect solution.  We both really like this pink polka dot one from PB Teen but $89 is a lot for me to swallow.  Nothing like a good 'ole DIY project to the rescue.

I picked up a large pinboard from Goodwill for a few bucks.

I originally wanted to paint the frame white but decided to just cover the whole thing with fabric.  I picked up some pink printed fabric from Hobby Lobby.  To start, I laid the fabric over the board and centered it.  I tried to line up the fabric along the edges as best as I could to keep the pattern straight.

I used silver push pins around the edges to create a nail head look.

I spaced the pins an inch apart using a yard stick.  Pushing in ALL.THOSE.PINS took the longest.  I would push one in only to realize it didn't line up the same as the last one.  Let's just say my thumbs may be sore for a few days.  Make sure to pull the fabric taught so it doesn't sag in the center when hung.

After all my pins were in, it was time to adhere the leftover fabric to the back of the board.  I started out using packing tape but ended up using staples since they were more secure.  It was easier to start in the center and do the corners last.

I wrapped the corners like I would a present.

It fits perfectly above her desk.

It looks just as good as the PB Teen version but cost me so much less money.  Plus it's custom because we chose our own fabric.  I'm excited to see how good it's going to look against a gray wall instead of green once the walls are painted.

So how'd I do?  What's your favorite DIY project that was inspired by a pricier version?

Check out the room plans here

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  1. I too couldn't pay $90 for a bulletin board! I actually like you version better due to the frame on the board you used. Visiting from DIY Like a Boss party.

  2. Holy Crap! $89 for a pinboard? Who pays that kind of money for something so simple? Yours is MUCH nicer!

  3. Looks great! Great project to DIY instead of buy!!

  4. I love the end result! I've done something similar before and I love the impact it has! Thank you so much for linking up to our Pretty Project Party this month :)


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