Five Years

Yep, we've been in our house a little over five years now.  There's so much we've accomplished but still so much I would like to do.

 I try to keep the house tour page updated.  As I was going through pictures, I noticed how different the spaces look since the beginning.  I wanted to take you through a few rooms and the changes.

Let's start with the family room.  Here are some photos from the house listing.  I don't think I ever took real before photos when we moved in.

 Notice everything was still pretty builder grade.  I don't think the previous homeowners had done anything but move furniture in.  There were no holes from hanging any curtains, there was no color on the walls, and the light fixtures were original.

Here is the same space shortly after moving in.  We installed hardwood floors, painted the walls, and changed the original family room light to a ceiling fan.  Before we moved in we bought furniture for the place.  I really loved this sectional when we picked it out.  The rug mixed the red and blue and the pillows matched.  All was good...

until I decided I no longer liked the two-tone sectional.  I sold it and bought a new one a year later.  The color is neutral and perfect.  It's microfiber and easy to keep clean.  The lighter color made the room look brighter and larger.  I felt like the previous one was too dark and didn't really give us enough seating.

I couldn't leave well enough alone and wanted to trade the rug in too.  This made me a happy girl.  My husband never really gives me too much grief about switching things out, as long as I can sell the old to make money to buy the new.  I bought a gray trellis rug that was so much more me.  I love the pattern and the gray goes with everything.  Slowly the reds were fading away.

 We also bought a new arm chair for in front of the window.  It's also neutral but provides extra seating.  It has become my husband's chair. I also switched up the pillows to add more blue in the room.

Connected to the family room is the breakfast area.

Again, the floors were changed and walls painted.

I began to make a few changes.  The artwork was changed and I put up a drum chandelier.

I'm really happy with how things have progressed in these adjoining rooms.  I'm sure some colors may change, new furniture pieces will be added, and artwork will change.  No, honey these spaces aren't done.  No room ever is.

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  1. What a beautiful home! You are definitely an inspiration for me while I try to style my own home. Thanks for sharing..


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