Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Have You Seen It?

So I got the early Fall edition Pottery Barn catalog the other day and I am lovin what I see.  So many calming blues and greens.  And just the right accessories.  

I'll take this mirror, coffee table, pillows...ok, everything pictured please.

 Check out this bedding.  Love it!  I could sleep for days here.

I'm leaning more towards cooler colors in decorating our new home.  I was more of a red kind of girl in our last home.  Looking at these photos I may try to sneak some red in somewhere.

It's amazing how the slightest change in pillows can change the whole vibe of the room.

So are you liking the new catalog as much as I am?


  1. Somehow I got dropped from their mailing list. And I love all the blues & greens myself!

  2. Um, no I haven't seen it and I will be giving them a call to make sure that I am still on their mailing list lol. Thanks for the reminder!


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