Tuesday, January 17, 2012

I Thought I Had It

You may have noticed when I showed you the new rug, there were new curtains as well.  They also came from Ikea and are the Henny Rand.  They have the right amount of color and the right colors at that.  The blue, tan, and brown pull straight from the rug and walls.  The pattern even mimics the curves in the stenciled wall.

Since each panel is 54" wide, I was planning to cut each one in half and have a slim panel on each side of the windows.  I just hung one panel on each window right now to see how I liked the pattern before I made any cuts.  Turns out I do like them but here's the problem:

They're a tad too short.  I know once they are washed and hemmed, they'll be way too short.  I want them to hang higher so these are no longer an option.  Looks like they're going back.  I'm a little bummed but maybe it's an opportunity to do something better.

Soooo...maybe I'll do some striped curtains like the inspiration picture I showed you.  I'm thinking white curtains with blue stripes.  It would be great if hubby was on board to install some board and batten as well.  I think it would soften the lines of the stripes a bit.  What do you think?


  1. Love your dining room and the curtains! I have a couple pillows in that pattern from IKEA. Can't wait to see what you do with them.

  2. So sorry about your curtain length dilemma! It's depressing for me when that happens too. =( I hope you find some new ones that you love. =)

  3. I love those curtains and that wall! Is that a stencil or wall paper. I am slightly afraid to try both... but I'm thinking of giving them a try in a powder room.

  4. You could add a panel of camel fabric on the bottoms.


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