Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Ikea, We Meet Again

Before Christmas break, I had some time off from work and a few days to spend by myself.  I decided to visit Ikea.  I had never gone by myself and actually got to stop and take in everything.  It was nice to go slowly through each room and enjoy not being rushed.  And since it was Christmas break, there were very few people in there so there was no one behind me trying to run up my heels with a shopping cart.

I loved going in and looking at all the design inspiration.  They have everything set up by rooms and give great inspiration to how you can decorate a room.

Here are just a few of the rooms I snapped pictures of.

This island with red counter top is amazing.  It's very modern along with the stainless pendants and white kitchen cabinets.

Love the pendant here.  It was basically a woven basket over a plastic light.  Something you could DIY for sure.

Love the grey tiled backsplash and grey countertops in this kitchen.

I love the wall color in this dining room.  Wish I had room for a nice white built-in like this one.  The chandelier reminds me of the one I painted in my dining room.

Again here's a great kitchen with a tiled backsplash and modern glass front cabinets.  At Ikea you can customize your kitchen from the cabinets to cabinet pulls.

If you haven't been to Ikea, you really must try to fit a trip into your schedule.  They have really good prices and the choices are great.

Come back tomorrow and I'll show you what I came home with.


  1. Do you have any idea what configuration of cabinets they used to make that buffet unit in the picture with the teal wall? Even the center part that sticks out a little more seems too shallow to be base cabinets.

    1. I don't. That was last year and they don't even have it setup that way anymore.


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