Friday, January 6, 2012

Trends: Gallery Walls

Gallery walls seem to be popping up all over the place.  I like the simpleness and ease of creating art on the wall with your photos or artwork.

Being Brook has a nice display in her playroom.

From Gardners 2 Bergers has a gorgeous wall full of DIY art.

I love the space A Soft Place to Land created for her child's art.  Check out the chalk board!

Simcoe Street added one to her kitchen.

This wall display is expansive.  It was put together by Twenty Something.  It took some time and planning but it was well worth it.

I love the wall The Creative Imperative did in her son's room.  I especially love the personalized subway art.

Just a Touch of Gray transformed a wall in her hallway.

It's Great to Be Home created a collection in her den.

Have you tried a gallery wall?  Any tips for those wanting to try one? 


  1. We put the frames up nearly a year ago and have hardly any pictures in them yet! We're so slow! It's funny that no one ever comments on it when they're visiting.

    We arranged ours on the floor first and then taped pieces of newspaper to the wall to match just to make sure. They were adjusted quite a bit so I'm glad we didn't just go with the floor arrangement.

    Someday it'll be finished and then I can write about it!

  2. Oh I love that second one especially! By the way you were featured at my Saturday Splendour Party today! Come grab a button :)

  3. Working on mine so cannot contribute but the ones you have featured here are so pretty. They can be personalized in any way and there is not right or wrong way.

  4. I have an existing wall in my family room with professional and school pictures from the last few years. With three kids, school pictures pour in every 6 months!! After rearranging the family room furniture last week (yah), I'm thinking of moving the photo gallery to our foyer stairwell, to manage the growth (because I don't have the heart to replace the old school photos!) Thanks for sharing this.

  5. Thanks for including me in your round up! These other ladies made some great gallery walls!

  6. Love these gallery walls! Thanks so much for including mine with these other fabulous bloggers! I love that a gallery wall can be done in just about any room!

  7. I am inspired to try a gallery wall - thanks!

  8. looove gallery walls! mine is still in the works b/c everytime i see a new one I change my mind and want to go in a different direction! hehe so indecisive!

  9. I'm so late in saying this, but THANK YOU for the feature!

    Have had a great time catching up on your posts. Love your blog!



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