Monday, January 6, 2014

Entry Mirrors...Again

Last time I showed you the set of sunburst mirrors they were here...

Well they have moved.  I liked them here but they were setting off the alarm motion sensor every single day.  Something about the reflection interacting with the infrared sensor.  Whatever.  I was over the alarm people calling me to tell me something was moving around in my house.

I still wanted them in the entry somewhere so I had to find another wall.  The one next to the powder room was free, so it was the lucky winner. 

I actually like them here.  I've been slow around here getting up art and other fancy things on the walls.  Maybe it has a little to do with putting holes in the walls.  I hate filling holes and painting so I put as few holes as possible if I'm unsure about a piece.

It's refreshing to come out of the bathroom and be greeted by these lovelies or walk by and not see an empty wall.

Makes me feel better I didn't lose them completely in this area.  So far so good with them being here.  I was afraid the light from the window would somehow come around the corner and make a reflection.  Ha!  I ain't moving these again.  Well...maybe...if I had to.

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