Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Foyer Photos

Back when we put up the board and batten in the entry, I knew I wanted something to go above it.  This wall sat empty for while.  I just wasn't sure exactly what would go there.  I debated on photos or a large mirror.  More photos of the kiddos won.  You can't have enough family photos around the house right?

I also wanted to share a picture to show you how the front foyer relates to the mirrors' new home I showed you last week.  They are just around the corner from the front door entrance.

Can't wait till we continue the board and batten throughout the rest of the entry.  Maybe I'm more excited to buy a nailgun than the actual work!

What do you think about a dark color on the interior of the front door?  Ever since we've been here, I've wanted to paint it a dark color.  Maybe gray?

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