Wednesday, June 18, 2014

A Designer's Home: Sabrina Soto

One of my favorite designers on HGTV is Sabrina Soto.  She is host of The High/Low Project.  On her show she designs a room for a family on the high end.  She then re-creates it on the low end using DIY techniques and bargain shopping.  I always love that she can make the low end room look just like the high end.  In most cases, the homeowners like the lower costing version better.  She is also a style expert for Target.  You often see her cruising around Target in her shows for affordable, trendy pieces to use in her designs.

Sabrina Soto lives in a 1200 sq ft penthouse apartment in New York City.  She mixed modern pieces with those that are vintage and antique.  She also mixes more high end pieces with DIY solutions.  I love the pops of color throughout.

Living Room

Dining Room



She has a great view from the windows right?  I wouldn't have expected anything less colorful or bright from her.  I like her style.  Her advice: "Although most makeover shows are about 22 minutes in length, it takes a lot longer than that to put together a cohesive room design. Take your time, don't rush the process."  I totally agree.

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