Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Model Home Inspiration

I have another beautiful model home tour for you today.  I don't normally go for red and orange accents in the home, but in this home it works.  The background is pretty neutral and they added warmer pops of color.

The family room is at the back of the house.  Love the rug here.  It really grounds this space and brings color in where the rest of the room is beige.  The paintings and pillows also keep the warm colors.  the molding above the fireplace is great.  It really sets it apart and of course they mounted the TV up above.  I've really been eying this style coffee table but won't work with the little ones around.

The living/dining area is combined and again is neutral but the orange pillows give it life.  This open area combines the living and dining room.  Notice they use one large rug for this entire area instead of using two separate rugs.  This area is two story which makes it look really big.  I really like those chevron chairs.

This is the view your visitors would get walking in from outside.

I like the style of the kitchen cabinets but not so much the color of the cabinets.  They did a lighter cabinet around the perimeter and a darker island.  I would have preferred dark all around.  Those chandeliers are pretty but I think a little too much for a kitchen.  The granite counters are beautiful.

They staged the upstairs loft as a reading nook.  Not sure how practical it is for a real family.  Most people would probably throw a sofa in there and use it as an additional family space.  I do like the style of the chairs.  You don't often see lofts with windows.  They really make this area bright and feel more open.

In the master bedroom they used blue accents instead of red and orange.  Hmmm.  Maybe I should do blue stripes on my bedroom curtains.

I love the frameless shower doors in the master bathroom.

Overall, I like this home.  Sometimes the model home can look a little too polished and put together.  I know my home never looks this clean.

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  1. I usually love model homes because they've been staged and finished to perfection. Unfortunately, the staging of this home does nothing but enhance the less than desirable architectural details and poor layout of this home. Nothing about this says "home" to me.


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