Friday, March 2, 2012

Black Interior Doors

So I've been noticing the black interior doors.  I think I like it.  I like the contrast of the dark against the light colored walls.  They add some depth to the room.  It would freak me out at night though to think the front door was open when seeing the black.

All these doors are gorgeous and make me re-think my white door.

Are you digging the interior black doors?   


  1. You just helped me pull together pieces of decorating ideas - I didn't realize until I read this post that almost all of the rooms I have been using as inspiration for my living room have black doors! Thanks - now I definitely have a black door on the options list for my own decorating.

  2. Hi! It is so funny that you posted this today - I JUST talked to my husband about painting our inside door and banister BLACK! I thought he would be very apprehensive, but in fact, he was quite supportive of it (I'm sure that's because he thinks it's a paint project I'll just take on myself. Not so Mr.!) These photos pull it all together for me. Thanks Andrea!

  3. The title of your post caught my eye alone. I do have a black interior door! We swapped a builder basic white door with one of five frosted glass panels which I painted black for the master ensuite bath. I love the look! And it's only paint, right? Be bold! You can always change it later.

  4. I love black interior doors! And, yes, it did take some getting used to when I painted my front door black. So far my front door and the french doors in the dining room are black. I've been debating about painting more (I have lots of interior doors). Go for it! If you don't like it, it's easy enough to change back. :)

  5. my husband about flipped when I suggested painting the interior door black - but honestly, it made all the difference in the world! You should go for it! ;)


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