Monday, March 5, 2012

Goodbye Black Chandy...But Now What?

I finally took my spray painted chandelier down. But only because I thought I was getting a new one this weekend.  Saturday morning, I took it down and just knew a new one would be in its placethat evening.  Boy was I wrong.  I headed to Lowes and Home Depot in search of my new chandelier.

First was Lowes, but nothing really spoke to me.  Besides I kind of knew the one I wanted was somewhere else.  Next stop was Home Depot.  I walked up and down the aisles several times not seeing the one I chose online.  I asked an associate where I could find the one I was looking for.  He kindly pointed out to me that this one was only available online.  There was no store SKU# that indicated it was available in store.  Bummer!  Okay, fine, I'll just choose another one.  I bought one that I thought was nice and would have to work.  I went home but couldn't make myself put it up.  It wasn't the one I wanted so why install it.  I went back to Home Depot and returned it.  

I'll be placing on order for a new one this week, but would like to know your opinion.  I originally wanted a drum pendant but after reading several comments and reviews, they don't seem to give off much light in a room.  So I decided to go with something nickel that has at least five lights on it.  Not too large but large enough to fill the space.  I think anything too big will make the dining room feel too stuffy and formal.  

This is the one I bought and returned.  I liked it but wasn't fond of the cloth shades.

 Here are the chandeliers I'm trying to choose between.

Option 1: Love the simpleness and clean lines.

Option 2: Love the line detail the middle.

 Option 3:  Like it but not sure about the egg shape at the bottom.

Option 4: Very pretty but I think it may be too ornate and large for my space.  It may work for the foyer though.

What do you think?  Right now there's a hole in the ceiling and the wires are taunting me.
Images: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

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  1. I actually like the one you returned. The cloth shades would be simple to switch out & make it easy to change the look when you're in the mood for something new. It also looks the most modern, like the rest of your decor. Of the new options you're looking at, I like Option 2.

    Looking forward to see what you choose! :)


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