Friday, September 7, 2012

Blogging Made Me Do It

When I started this blog, I started from scratch.  I was entering a whole new world.  Little did I know the things blogging would force on me.   

Learn HTML
Before I started blogging, I had no clue what HTML was.  I had basically no computer skills.  Sure, I used Word and Excel and browsed the internet, but this was so different.  I've learned a few things to get by but not enough to code my own site.  I use Blogger so a lot of the work is done for me.  I'm definitely going to push myself to learn more this year.


Make a blog button and header
I know how to make a blog button and header.  Your header tells the readers what your blog represents and tells a little about your style.  Both my button and header are simple and made using Picnik (now gone).  I've now been using Picmonkey so hopefully I'll make some new ones soon.  My hubby has been trying to push Photoshop on me.  I so want to learn but I know there will be long hours put in the process.

Use social media
I used Facebook in my personal life but now I also use it for the blog.  I am able to connect to readers with short messages without creating a post on the blog.  Facebook is also good for back and forth conversations and I like to post pictures of good deals I find while out shopping.  Pinterest is a great tool for sharing photos you've found on the web.  I love it.  I use it more for researching than I use google search anymore.  I haven't ventured onto Twitter yet.  I've toyed around with it but never really got the point.  Maybe one day.

Share my ideas 
I had to learn how to share.  I like to keep things to myself.  I'm competitive.  Before, if I did something I thought was special or unique, I may have been skeptical about showing you how I did it.  I want mine to be better and if I show you mine, you could try to out shine me.  Now, I want to share.  There could be someone out there that wants to do the same project and sharing my way could enable them to make a step forward.  I want to encourage others to do what they feel.  I like you to share also.  Together we can leanr DIY secrets and make our homes so much prettier.

Do it myself
In our first home, I would in a heartbeat go and purchase a new item I thought we needed.  Now I decide if I should buy it or if I can make it.  We have done so many DIY projects that we wouldn't have tried before.  We're creating a home that shows who we are and what we can do.  Anybody can go to the store and purchase an item, but knowing that you made it makes it so much more special.  We would have never thought to paint the kitchen cabinets or make my own sunburst mirror.  Blogging has also sparked my interest in sewing.  My first project was sewing pillow covers.  I've pinned several projects, just waiting for the right time to pull the machine back out.

Take risks in design choices
Blogging has taught me to step outside my comfort zone.  I always liked looking through home magazines or watching home shows that designed rooms with bright colors, vibrant patterns, and cool light fixtures.  That was so not my design style, not sure if I even had a style to be honest.  I was comfortable with neutrals and solids.  It was easy.  Now I'm going for color and patterns in my home.  The modern lines really fit our personalities.  Like the striped curtains in our office, I would have never done such a bright color and print in our last home.  Being a blogger kind of forces you to go to the next step.

Blogging has allowed me to be more creative and see design in a whole new way.  Has blogging given you more guts to try new things?



  1. I'm with you on learning HTML... I knew some from a few college classes, but I can say I'm pretty HTML-savvy now!

  2. I like your blog. I'm still learning all of it myself. I'm fortunate I know a bit about Photoshop & Illustrator to make pretty buttons and headers and all. But HTML-what? That's where I get stuck.

    I hope you'll look at my page too.

  3. It is so good to know that this didn't come naturally to you. You had to work hard at it, go outside your comfort zone, and learn a lot of new things. I am just starting to blog; it is very reassuring to know that these growing pains are normal and not the sign of a doomed endeavor:) Thanks for the inspiration!

    1. In fact, still learning how to properly comment on other blogs as my blogger persona! :)

  4. My blog mostly helps keep me motivated. If I don't post for many days, I get embarrassed about not having finished any projects and I don't want to admit it. So, it helps me keep plugging away on my project list so I can show that I've actually achieved something.

  5. i think blogs have changed me tremendously, and all for the better. i would love to know where you found html help. also has a photoshop 101 class, i took their photography101 class and was glad i did. just found your blog, very inspiring kitchen! can't wait to see what you do next.

  6. Nice post. keep it up. thanks for shearing it with us.
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