jimmyCASE iPhone Wallet Case

I, like many others, love my iPhone.  I made the switch years ago and never looked back.  One of accessories I must have for it is a nice case.  I was using a plain silicone for my iPhone 6 for the past year and never had an issue.  Until I dropped it a few months ago and the screen shattered.  Yep, it was bad.  After the screen was replaced I went on a search for a case that protected and looked good.  I can't afford to keep replacing screens.  It's bound to get dropped again because I do have a 2 year old that likes to take pictures with my phone.

I was contacted by jimmyCASE to review one of their cases.  From just opening their website I already knew I would like them. They offer wallet cases for iPhones.  The case features a silicone bumper for edge protection, a wood back made from military grade mahogany, and an elastic band for holding cards and cash.  jimmyCASE is a United States based company out of California.

I chose an iPhone 6 wallet case with a black elastic band.  They do note that getting a bumper or band in a lighter color is more prone to getting dirty.  I'm not a flashy case person so the black was good for me.  They have many color combos to choose from whether you're choosing team colors or just your favorite colors.

One of the things I first noticed was that the company name was engraved on the bottom corner of the mahogany.  Also the wood smell right out of the packaging was quite nice.  It let me know it was real wood and I felt good that they used quality materials in the manufacturing of their product.  The wood is from a local aircraft supplier.  The elastic band makes this case a little different from others on the market.  It is designed to hold up to 6 cards and some cash without stretching out and losing elasticity.  As a woman I actually hate carrying a purse so this is a good option.  All I need is my phone and keys.  This would benefit a guy as well.  My husband carries a phone and wallet but really only needs a few cards when we go out so with this phone case, a wallet would be unnecessary.

The port holes were easy to get to and I had no problems plugging in my charger and headphones.  The case is cut specifically for the Apple cords.  Some reviews state that if you use larger third party chargers and accessories you may have a harder time plugging them in.  My camera lens also had plenty of space without obstructing the view.

One of the things I dis-like about the case the wood is not flush with the rest of the case.  I can see the edges of the wood getting worn and battered fast from constant use.

I had a little bit of a hard time getting my phone into the case.  It was made to really hug the phone so it fits snugly.  Don't expect to be taking this case on and off quickly.  The silicone bumper is flexible and offers some protection.  There is no statement or claim from the company that the case is meant to protect your phone from falls and breakage.  It's only made to look good.  The edges are ribbed so it gives good grip and you don't feel like it could slip from your hand.  The buttons are covered but indented in the silicone so you can still see where they are located.

Overall, I like the case.  It is a little bulkier than the case I am used to carrying but doesn't take up any more room in my purse.  The bulkiness actually feels good in my hand since the phone itself is slim.  The grippy sides give me some security that it's not going to slip from my hands.  I don't think this would be my everyday phone case seeing that it doesn't offer full drop protection for my phone.  I do tend to drop my phone often and I want to know that when I do, the screen isn't going to be shattered on impactThis case looks good and seems to be quality made.

*I received this product to review for free but the views and opinions expressed are my own.

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