Open Shelves in the Kitchen

As I pour through inspiration pictures of kitchens, I can't help but to notice the trends.  One of those is open shelves in kitchens.

I don't know if I'd ever do it, but done right it looks awesome.  I like having my collection of plastic cups and mix-matched dishes under cover.  Open shelving can make a kitchen appear larger because you don't have a larger cabinets in the way.  Most of the time, the upper cabinets are replaced with floating shelves and shelves with decorative brackets.

Here are a few tips I found for creating and keeping your open shelving looking good and functional.
1. Keep it simple.  Don't overload the shelves and try to keep to the same color palette.
2. Display what you use often and be practical.  Just a few mugs and everyday plates and bowls will do.
3. Display like things together.  Choose to place the plates on one side and the mugs or glasses on the other.
4. Stack.  Dishware looks more appealing when they are stacked or piled together.
5. Add decorative items sparingly.  These items are a way to add color or fun, but don't overload your shelves with the un-necessary. 

Do you have open shelving in your home?  

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  1. The pictures are pretty, but I am not a fan of open shelves. I had partially open shelves in a home we lived in several years ago. I was always organizing and rearranging. If the shelves had things even slightly misplaced, the whole kitchen looked out of order. Also, I had to take all of my dishes off once a week and dust them as even the regular amount of house dust that settles after a few days, left dishes, classes, bottles and cups with a then film of dust. They looked pretty when they were dusted and shiny and perfectly organized, I simply didn't have the patience for it.


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