Bathroom Faucets From Pfister

Good morning!  Now that we're past the hurdle called Monday, the rest of the week should be great right?

Our master bathroom has been a slow work in progress.  It was painted and mirrors framed but that's about it.  As a homeowner, you start realizing how much everything costs and that 'to-do' list suddenly becomes a 'let's save up for it' list.  One thing I can now check off that to-do list is faucets.

I wanted something curvy but modern in a nickel finish and these fit the bill just fine.  This is the Elden Single Control faucet.  I love them.  We have 3 holes on our sinks but that wasn't a problem.  The faucets came with a deck plate to cover the other two holes.  The number of holes in your sink is something you definitely have to remember.

The faucets were super simple to install.

The hardest part was removing the old faucets.

I wanted a faucet with a single handle.  I think they are much easier to use and we were already used to having them.  All the faucets in the house are single handle so I think they will all be replaced with single handle.  They look more streamlined.  The nickel finish upgrades the bathroom a bit, yes?

Here's a before picture.

One of the things I love about this faucet is that it has a pop-up drain.  That means no pulling that little bar in back to close the plug.  Just push and it locks down.  Push again and it opens.  Another plus, you can't lose things down the drain.  Well, I guess you could but I didn't.  I accidentally dropped an earring back in the sink and instantly jumped to grab it.  Mind you, this was the back to my favorite pair of diamond earrings from my parents.  When I reached down to grab it, I noticed there is a seal around the pop-up so nothing small can get down in there.  Whoever came up with that feature was a genius!  The pop-up even boasts the Pfister name.

We are happy with these faucets.  Our kitchen faucet is also Pfister so I know the faucets are good quality.  Pfister faucets come with a warranty to cover finish and function for life.  

Now I look forward to changing out the rest of the chrome in the room.  Maybe that's on the 'let's save up for it' list.

*I received this product to review for free but the views and opinions expressed are my own.

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