Wednesday, August 8, 2012

A Little Re-arranging

I see dining rooms all the time that have buffets or some sort of console table against the wall.  They give you another place to add design elements like lamps, flowers, and other accessories.  It's adding another layer to the room.  

These are all beautiful examples. 


Why can't I have a buffet table?  There wasn't enough room between the table and the wall to fit one, that's why.  It would be a tight fit for the person at the head of the table to get in and out of his chair.  

So one day I was thinking, I can have one too if I make room.  I jumped up and turned the dining room table. 

See how much space that opens up along the wall?

I hope to be able to find a piece that will fit right here under my sunburst mirror.  I can already see it.

I'll be on the lookout for that perfect piece, in my budget of course.  Have you moved furniture to make room for a piece you wanted?


  1. Smart! I think one would look really good in there.

  2. Im really interested in the colors in the home... How do I find out all the colors? I want to do my kitchen in grey/tan/beige/black and wine...


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