Wednesday, August 22, 2012

White Bedding

I've noticed in my search for bedroom inspiration, a lot of the photos have white bedding.  I used to not like it, but I find that I am almost drawn to it now.  The white makes the room feel bright and clean.  I think if the bedding is a blank slate, there are more places around the room like pillows, curtains, and throws where you can add more colors and patterns.

I'm on the hunt for some nice bedding.  Don't know if I'm going white or something patterned.  Do you have any good bedding sources for me? 


  1. I went to white bedding about 2 years ago and I love it! I change pillows and decor with the season. It's always so fresh feeling! You'll love it if you decide to go that route. I just have a white down comforter accented with colorful throws and various pillows (like pic 5).

  2. I had white bedding for a long time and then changed to more color but recently I felt like going back--it is so crisp and clean.

    I found a couple of nice 3 or 400 thread count sets at Homegoods for a really good price, but then the nicest sheets I found were some organic white at Target of all places. The Target sheets are the softest I have and they were very large so if you have one of the newer deep mattresses they would be plenty big. I also found a nice solid white quilt at Homegoods for $39.00.

    I like to use all white and then use a folded colored quilt as an accent, or some colored shams or throw pillows. The white is so easy and calm for a bedroom.

    I also have some pre-quilted white fabric and am making a new tailored white dust ruffle--very plain and fitted.

  3. IKEA! Ha but maybe that has to do with me being cheap. I like white bedding for the fact that you can bleach it and it's timeless. So I would say invest in whites and spring for cheap fun prints that are trends!

  4. I am crushing on the West Elm Organic Pintuck or something like that. It's all over Houzz I just can't bring myself to pay that much yet. Did you ever find anything you liked?


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