Thursday, August 2, 2012

Upholstered Headboards

The headboard in our master bedroom is wooden in a dark espresso.  We bought ours a few years ago and I still love it.  I can't help to think how different it would be to have a lighter colored, upholstered one.  I've noticed that in several of my bedroom inspiration photos, there are upholstered headboards.

Most of the store bought options I've been seeing are way too much for my budget.

I love this simple square one from Pottery Barn.

This one is also from Pottery Barn, but has tufts and piping.

This one is more my price range.

I love the mix of wood and fabric on this one.

There are also a lot of DIY versions out there.

This is a simple tufting with some bling.

This one is classic with nailhead trim.

I could see us doing something like this with the inset panel covered but the wood frame still showing.

I love the pattern and color this one brings to the room.

Still pondering the idea of one of these.  
Do you love upholstered headboards?  Have you made one of your own?


  1. We bought a sleigh bed a few years ago and it's pretty nice... but I admit, the idea of an upholstered headboard is pretty tempting some days.

  2. Love upholstered headboards although I do not have one. I am thinking about one for my daughter's room.

  3. I adore upholstered headboards. I was contemplating one not long ago, but instead I went with large art above the bed instead. I still sit on the bed and wonder if I could add one....hmmmmm!

  4. Love upholstered headboards!! I made one a few years back out of cheap plywood, batting, and a curtain from Target - it turned out great! Could you upholster your existing wood headboard? Use velcro so it's removable?

  5. I made my own upholstered headboard last week - simple enough for a novice DIY-er and looks amazing in the room! It took about $70 and an hour of my time. I highly recommend making one of you own, so you can have exactly what you like! My tutorial is here:


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