Monday, August 27, 2012

The Plant Basket

Remember when I told you about scoring a great basket in Target that was similar to the West Elm version?  Well I finally bought a plant for it.  I was walking though Lowes and it grabbed my attention.  After looking through several rows of plants, I decided on this one. 

It's a yucca cane.  I wanted something tall but nothing that would look enormous in the basket.  I could have gone for bigger but didn't want to spend a fortune on a plant.  Yucca cane doesn't take a lot to care for so I thought it was perfect.  I water it about once a week to keep the soil moist and it needs 3-4 hours of sunlight.  The downstairs gets plenty of sun during the day.  I didn't want a plant that would require me to devote extra time to it.  The outside plants and flowers are already sucking up enough.

It adds a much needed breath of life in the family room.  I need to start adding more plants throughout the house.

A side by side comparison

Do you love having house plants or are they too much hassle for you?


  1. I'm not a houseplant person, but only because I don't really know how to care for them. This one looks so great and sounds easy to care for... nice choice!

    I love your home so much, it all looks amazing.

  2. Nice basket and lovely home :-)


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